Monday, 3 October 2016

September Favourites

Things have finally started to get better this September. I said in my August favourites that I had a really shitty month and even though it is hard for me things have started to improve. I have just been so grateful for my amazing family and friends for getting me through it and spoiling me rotten on my birthday which was last week. I am just trying to think positively and throwing myself back into work.

So here are my September favourites which I have over indulged on while trying to drown my sorrows…

1)      Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation & Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

I have owned the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation for a while now and not really loved it. For me it just
wasn’t full coverage enough and I got the deepest olive tones shade and it wasn’t dark enough for me. But
then I got the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and paired the two together and it is amazing. I add 2-3
drops to the foundation, mix it together, apply it and then blend with my Morphe M439 and it looks
amazing. If you have a foundation which is too light and the coverage is too sheer for your liking I can not
recommend the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops enough.

2)    Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer

I had very high expectations for this because of how everybody has been raving about it, so I bought it
and I have to say that I really do love it. I am hooked on it, it has replaced my Maybelline Fit Me and the
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. It is just so nice to apply and super full coverage and it blends away like a
dream. A full review will be going up on my blog soon.

3)    Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick to Contour

I am a huge fan of cream contouring as you may know by now. I bought this stick because I had heard that
it is really nice and blendable and easy to apply, and it really is. Plus, this is great for travelling with. The
shade Chestnut is amazing for contouring with. I use the Chanel Cream Bronzer as a blending medium
between them and it is like a dream team.

4)    Morphe M527

I saw this brush for the first time in one of Jaclyn Hill's videos and I knew I needed it. It is amazing for
contouring and bronzing the face. I have been using this with my Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion and
the pair go together really nicely. And, it feels really nice and high quality.

5)    Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows

Since I first bought this I have been using it constantly. I am all about the natural brows and this is exactly
what this product does. It has small particles in it which stick to your brow hairs and makes them look
fuller and more natural. I love for using this over the top of my brow powder just to soften them. A full
review will be uploaded onto my blog soon.

6)    Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Recently I have been trying a lot of high end mascaras out but this one still wins for me. It is just such a
good mascara. It is waterproof and best of all I never get panda eyes with it. I can wear this and not have
to worry about it smudging or rubbing throughout the day. It is just a really good, cheap mascara which is
great for anybody's collection.

7)    Chanel No5

I don't think that this is really a surprise to anybody. I have been obsessed with Chanel No5 since I was
little girl and I still am. Already this year I have gone through 3 of them. I constantly buy new perfumes
but I just always go back to this one. It is my go to and people know that this is my signature scent.

8)    Tom Ford Lipstick in Indian Rose

My love affair with this lipstick has been going on for some time now and I am still hooked on it. I love it
so much. This matches the natural colour of my lips really nicely but I like to apply this just to nourish them
and make them look nice and even. It is such a gorgeous formula and I recommend anybody trying the
Tom Ford lipsticks out.

9)    Eyelash Curler

I have never really been a huge fan of curling my eyelashes. I think it is from when my mum told me that
she accidentally chopped off all her lashes like a guillotine. But I have been doing it recently and I have
been loving it. This is just a cheap pair that I got from Boots and they are nice and cushioned so I know I
don’t have to worry about trimming my lashes!

10) Boots Lip Rescue

When the weather starts to change my lips really do suffer. They not only get chapped but they crack and
bleed. They have always been the same, so I nipped into the Pharmacy and they suggested this off the
shelf product. If you suffer with chapped lips I highly recommend this, it is really strong and if I use it
constantly for one day my lips will be nice and smooth again.
So, there you have my September favourites. I hope that you enjoyed this post. Be sure to leave me a comment below. I have also linked above to all the products mentioned above in case you want to take a look.



  1. I really want Chanel no 5 it's such a beautiful and classic scent. Also love the look of the Bobbi Brown contour stick!

    The Makeup Directory

  2. I am obsessed with Chanel No5, I would hate to think how much money I have spent on it over the years!

    Danielle xx


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