Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I have wanted to do a Q&A for some time now. I did a TMI tag and you guys seemed to really like it. I got so many emails after with more questions on, so I have rounded up the 20 most asked questions and here they are for you!

1)         How old am I?

I am 22, it was my birthday not that long ago. I was born in 1994. Even though sometimes I feel like I am 80 years old!

2)         What do I do for a living?

I am a Marketing Executive. Most of my work is centred around digital marketing but I also do Social Media and things such as catalogues and brochures, so pretty much every aspect of marketing that there is.

3)         Do I drive?

I do drive. I passed my test about 4 years ago now. I have a little Fiat 500 which I love because it is tiny and I never have to worry about parking or getting through tight gaps. I do want a Nissan Juke; I am hoping to get one this year some time!

4)         Do I have a boyfriend?

I do have a boyfriend yes. We have been together many years now and as gross as it sounds even all this time later we are still obsessed with each other. That is about as soppy as I can go without being sick.

5)         Do I plan on getting married?

We do really want to get married, it is something we talk about a lot. Even though some people don’t think marriage is important in this day and age because it is just a “piece of paper”, but for us it is so much more than that. We both look forward to it.

6)         Do I want children?

This is a laughable subject for me. Anybody who knows me knows how un-maternal I am. Children are something that I do not see in my immediate future but I do want them at some point. Our parents are gutted because they don’t think we will ever have kids!

7)         What are my goals?

I do set goals for like visitors to my blog but not in anything else really. As good as goals can be I hate the disappointment when you don’t reach them for whatever reason, even if it isn’t down to me.

8)         What do I do at the weekend?

At the weekend I just relax like crazy. Working full time and then doing my blog it is essentially like have two full time jobs and sometimes it can be overbearing. Most weeks I relax and try not to move from my bed. And if I do move it is probably because I have got into my car in my PJs and drove to my best friend’s house and now we are back in bed watching films together!

9)         What do I want in the future?

I hope that one day my blog will be independent enough for me to do this as my full time job. I have found it to be increasing more work as it is getting more successful. I would love to manage my time and work out a nice working schedule so that I can go back to having a personal life again!

10)        Where do I want to travel?

I want to go back to the Maldives, Fiji and Venice. I think they were possibly the top places that I have been to and I would love to go back to them sometime soon!

11)        What inspired me to start my blog?

I wanted to create a space where I give really honest opinions. I watch YouTube videos and read blogs and of course they are going to rave about something they get commission on sales. So I wanted to give you 100% honest opinions on my posts and just give you an insight into my life.

12)        Do I own my own house?

I do own my own house. Last year I was lucky enough to get my first house. It is stunning and the best thing I have ever done. I never got into the trap of renting because as far as I am concerned it is just a money pit.

13)        Do I wear hair extensions?

No I don’t, I have very thick and very long hair. I do own some clip ins though for it I want to do a certain look, but I barely wear them because I’m scared of it pulling on my natural hair.

14)        What is my all-time favourite foundation?

Without any hesitation I think it is the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation. So thick and perfect. I always reach for this before other things. I have to really force myself to try other things over this!

15)        What I did at university?

At university I studied history. I love history and everything about it. I just like to broaden my knowledge and learn new things about new places. My favourite this is Roman history; it is just so interesting!

16)        What is my favourite cocktail?

Cosmopolitan without a doubt. I can drink these by the bucket load and it lets me channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw!

17)        Favourite beauty brand?

Kevyn Aucoin. The products are incredible and just the legacy of Kevyn is outstanding.

18)        Favourite fashion brand?

Chanel. I have a problem when it comes to buying Chanel handbags, I collect them which is a very overpriced and ridiculous hobby to have.

19)        Favourite genre of music?

Country music! I have always loved country which is very strange for a girl living in England. But I adore it, I listen to it constantly, even the same songs never seem to get old!

20)        How do I think of content for my blog?

For me I have been quite lucky in that I never seem to run out of ideas. As soon as I think of something I write it down or I know I will forget it. If I do need to think of anything I just look at other well-known blogs for inspiration.

If you have any other questions just leave them below in the comments or leave me an email and I will pop it all in another question and answer blog post!


  1. Some people might see the marriage as just a paper, but it shows the commitment :) Buying your own house when you're 21 must have been a great feeling, I should start saving up for the deposit and get mortgage, rather than paying so much on a rent and not having my own place!

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. Always love a good cosmo! However, I've been opting for Espresso martini's these days!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

    1. I haven't had a Espresso Martini in such a long time, I may have to treat myself to one this weekend!

      Danielle xx


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