Friday, 14 October 2016

Morphe M439 Brush Review

I cannot believe that I have finally caved in and bought myself a Morphe brush. I am sure that if you guys are anything like me and you spend far too much time reading beauty blogs and watching beauty YouTube tutorials, then I am sure that you will have heard of Morphe. This brand just seems to have come from nowhere, appeared overnight and taken over the whole beauty community. I think the reason why I wanted to stay away from this brand as a whole, is because when I saw these mentioned online, I could never tell if the person was talking about Morphe because they genuinely liked the products, or because they wanted to get their affiliate bonus by people using their code.

I don’t know if that sounds stupid, I am sure it does. But, I just want to try the things that people are fully passionate about and not just the ones that they make a profit from. It was really good marketing on Morphes part by getting some of the bigger YouTubers to speak about this product because I can imagine that they raked the money in from it, but it just put an untrustworthy front not just to the brand, but to the YouTuber talking about the products. All of that is just in my opinion anyway. In the end, curiosity got the better of me and I ended up placing my first order for the Morphe M439 Buffing Brush.  

I thought that I would start out with this brush because it is the one that I have seen used the most online and I couldn’t argue that it looked to be a really stunning brush that did an amazing job of applying foundation. The likes of Manny MUA and Jaclyn Hill seemed to love this brush, so I finally thought that I would give it a try. I think this brush set me back around £20 including postage, which isn’t too bad depending on what the product itself is actually like. Plus, I am a junkie for a full coverage foundation and I love a good buffing brush to get my base products into place.

The first thing that I noticed about this Morphe M439 when I received it through the post was how nice the brush looked and felt. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t up there with the quality of my Tom Ford brushes, but then again, I would expect it too. I would say that this brush to me seemed to be of a similar quality to MAC brushes, which can retail anywhere from £20 to £50. The handle is plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap and it even feels better quality than other high-end brushes that I have in my collection. Plus, the bristles were so fluffy and soft, and it made me really excited to try this out with my foundation.

What I really like about this brush and why I wanted to buy this brush to start with is that the bristles are really densely packed, and this allows the brush to flawlessly blend out cream and liquid products. The buffing brush that I used previous to this was the Real Techniques buffing brush, which was nice, but it was probably half the size that this brush head is. I have used this brush so far with pretty much all of the foundations that I have in my collection and I can quite confidently say that it has blended out every single product so stunningly and smoothly.

After using and washing this brush quite a few times, I can quite confidently say that I absolutely love it. I think that the bristles are super soft, and I am yet to notice any malting. It does an incredible job with a whole array of products and it always makes my skin look so flawless. Since I first bought this brush, I haven’t reached for anything else to apply my foundation with, because this does the job absolutely perfectly. I will say that be careful getting water around the metal cap, because it can loosen and weaken the glue. Mine did come apart, but it was nothing that a touch of super glue couldn’t fix!

I will leave a link to this product down below in case you want to check it out for yourself. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about this product or if you have tried anything else out by Morphe!


  1. Great post! I've heard a lot about Morphe products but haven't tried them yet. Will definitely give them a go! :) x

    1. You really should!
      My foundation has never looked as when I use this brush to apply it!

      Danielle xx


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