Thursday, 27 October 2016

How To Create A Photo Stock Library

When I first started blogging I started by taking my images as and when I needed new photos for certain posts. I did this because I love photography. I take photos as part of my job so it is just something that I like to do.

But some days I couldn’t take them and it started to put me behind. Like unexpectedly I will need to go out or even something as simple as it been a really dark and cloudy day can affect me because I take all my images using natural light.

So I wanted to create a photostock library. I wanted to do this because then I can write an impromptu post and get it straight up because I already have a library of images that I can select an image for. I have 200 images in my photostock library now and I have really enjoyed creating my library and building it up to what it is now.

First what I like to do is go online and look for inspiration. I will look through the likes of Google, Pinterest and other blogs similar to mine just to take a look at their flat lays and how they present them. I then will try little notes on certain images that I want to create and how I will do it and using what products.

When I have a nice long list of images that I want to take I will wait until the weekend, so that I can start at midday when the sun it at its highest. I will get all of the products I will need and lay them out so that they are easy to each and then I will start to take my images.

When they are all finished I will go through and edit them all so that they are consistent and it just gets them all done at the same time. Once they are finished I then number them. This is just quicker and easier to assign them to posts rather than with long names. When I go to upload them to my blog I will rename then with the post name that they were used for. This way it just helps with SEO but it also helps me to know that it has already been used.

Many of the lifestyle or alternative style posts that I upload on my channel do not need a specific image like some of my reviews do so the images from my photo stock library are ideal.

I highly recommend this to people especially if you have lots of posts regularly going up because it just really helps to stay on top of things and make your life a little easier.

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