Sunday, 23 October 2016

Beauty Brands I'm Loyal To

This blog post is all about the beauty brands that I am loyal to. These brands are the companies that I will constantly repurchase from and go out and buy the new collections. I wanted to do this because I put up a hell of a lot of blog posts about loads of different beauty products, but I don’t speak in particular about brands that I love.

For me to love a brand and be loyal to them there has to be products in their range that I am obsessed with. This means that I constantly repurchase the same things over and over again because the quality is always really high and works really well for me.


I have been ordering MAC makeup since dinosaurs roamed the earth. I think I did my first haul of MAC when I was about 14. I had spent all day watching YouTube videos on how to do makeup. I think it was a Kandee Johnson video that I watched and she used loads of MAC products. So I wrote down a little list and asked for them all for Christmas. And, low and behold, Santa pulled it out of the bag.

From then on I have been hooked. Some products that I have tried I haven’t been fully taken with, but vast majority of the time the products I have tried are incredible and I can’t really say anything bad about them.

My only quibble that I have with them are the rude staff members in the store. They look down their noses at you and it is disgusting. They act like they are superior to you and it is awful. And, to think I probably earn 5 times what they do and I have worked for Chanel and done freelance for almost of my working life, I could assert myself and make them feel bad, but then I would be stooping down to their level!


I think this is a given because I worked with them for so long. But even though I may be a little bit biased, you cannot argue with the quality of the products. I started out with these foundations when I was younger.

I can remember when I was younger and my aunty worked at Boots and she hooked me up with a killer discount so I bought the Perfection Lumiere foundation and then I have used it ever since. All the products that I have used from my mascaras, liners and blushes are incredible. They are pricey but worth every single penny.


This is a brand that I am completely obsessed with. Even though I find the products amazing, for me I think I am just a sucker for their packaging. Anything gold and shiny I want it to be in my makeup collection.

I know for some people they do have a problem with YSL beauty because the foundation and other face products are heavily scented which can cause some people to break out. But luckily, I have never had that problem. These are stunning and work a charm. YSL for the win!


Now for a drugstore brand. I have been obsessed with Maybelline since day 1. I can remember going shopping with my mum back in the day when I had just started secondary school. Everybody was turning up with makeup on and I didn’t wear any.

So naturally I begged my mum until she took me and we bought some bits. No matter what it is that I buy, whether it be foundations, concealer or mascaras they are always so high quality. I highly recommend Maybelline to anybody who wants to buy a lot for their everyday makeup or for teens wanting to get started with a collection.

Charlotte Tilbury

This is a brand that has taken over my life. God damn her for making her products so irresistible and expensive all at the same time. I started out with the lipsticks and now I just can’t help myself and I buy everything that she releases.

There is just something about Charlotte and the products themselves that make me want to back to a time of pure glamour and elegance. I cannot recommend these products enough, they are flawless and will make you look like a supermodel!


  1. I struggle with YSL, Dior & Chanel, I hate how the staff rely on machines to match (wrongly) and can sometimes feel dated... I also feel sometimes the price is just silly for what it is - and the quality can be poor (like the chanel nail varnishes) For me it is Urban Decay, Too Faced & MAC. All mid priced, fab quailty and just rock at everything they bring out :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. That is so true!
      Too Faced is a brand that I am falling more in love with!

      Danielle xx


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