Sunday, 4 September 2016

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Creme Review

The main reason why went out and bought this Chanel Universal Bronzer Crème was because I felt like the whole entire world that hadn’t used it before. I spend hell of a lot of my free time watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs, and just about everybody else in the world seemed to have this, except for me. In the end, I got to a point where I just really wanted to try this out and see if it was worth the hype that surrounds this product. Plus, anything with the stunning Chanel logo tends to be a winner straight away in my book and I love reaching for all of my Chanel cosmetics.

As much as I really wanted to try this Chanel Cream Bronzer out for myself, I think what took me so long to try it was the fact that I didn’t know how it would work for me. I have never tried anything like this before and it was new territory for me and I guess that I was a little nervous about it. Plus, this is quite an expensive makeup product and if I used it a couple times and realised that it wasn’t for me, it is a very expensive mistake to make. So, that is why I watched hell of a lot of videos and read far too many blog posts!

First up, let me speak to you about the packaging. I know that some people probably don’t understand or like that I talk about the packaging, but in my opinion the packaging is the first thing that you notice, and I always make a snap decision on a product based on the outer packaging. Personally, I really love the packaging of this cream bronzer. It comes in a pot with a screw off lid and a lip on the inside that you lift to access the product. I know that the plastic lip inside can make it a little hard to access the product, but it keeps it nice, fresh and not to mention creamy.

Next, I want to walk about how I apply this product, because I have seen that it various hell of a lot online and I have finally worked out the best way that works for me. I apply this very simply to the face and that is with my damp Beauty Blender. I will apply my foundation and concealer as normal and then I will use the round butt of my Beauty Blender to apply the product. I pick it up straight from the tub using my Beauty Blender and then I tap off the access on the back of my hand and then I apply it to the face. This way, you get a very natural look and it looks lovely and airbrushed on the skin.

My main worry about this Chanel Cream Bronzer was that the shade was going to be too light for my skin tone. I saw hell of a lot of people using this online, but most of them seemed to be more of a fair to medium skin tone and I am a tanned/olive kind of girl. Now that I actually have this, and I use it on top of my makeup, I think that this is a very natural colour and it is just one or two shades deeper than my natural skin colour. My sister is much fairer than I am, and this does look like quite a deep bronze look on her, but for me it is just very natural. I think that this does work for me as a bronzer, but I couldn’t recommend it for anybody with a deeper skin tone than myself.

Another huge bonus of this product is just how lovely and creamy it is. I did worry before I bought this that it may look choppy on the skin or displace my foundation which I already have on. But, now I have this, and I have been using it, I know that couldn’t be further than the truth. This is such a creamy and buttery product that with next to no effort at all, it looks beautiful on the skin and it is completely blended out. Plus, my foundation is still perfectly in place underneath this and that was a major concern of mine.

I am going to leave this review here now because I don’t want to make it too long and boring for you guys. I think that this is a great product and I am so happy that I finally decided to buy it. The shade it beautiful, it applies like a dream and best of all it looks like a very natural and healthy bronze look on the skin. I will leave a link to this down below in case you want to check it out for yourself. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried this and what you thought about it!


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