Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Makeup In My Handbag Right Now

I am planning on doing a ‘What’s In My Bag’, post really soon but I thought I would give you a little snippet into the makeup that I carry with me every day. I wear makeup every day because I go out meeting clients and customers and I don’t think that they would appreciate my dark circles. But it also means that I have to carry some extra face with me just in case!

The makeup bag that I carry with me every day is one that I got with a Dior fragrance set. It is just the right size to carry every day. It also restricts me a little which stops me from doing overboard, because if I had my way I would bring my Zuca full of makeup every day!

So first up I have a very smashed mirror. I think this was the top of a pallet once upon a time, then I accidentally smashed it. Then I went to Chester with the girls for a night out and I was getting ready knelt on the floor and I put my knee on it and smashed it. I did glue all the pieces back together with my Duo Eye Glue. Good as new, as you can see…

Next I have a comb. I always need to backcombed the top of my hair for a little volume, this is a must, I have them dotted all over. Then I have a MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder. I get really shiny around my nose area and it is the only area that I have to touch up throughout the day.

Hand in hand with the last one I have the Real Techniques setting brush, great for getting in the areas around my nose to powder. I also have Chanel pressed powder to do the same job as the MAC, this is just a little less coverage so I don’t feel as powdery after I use it.

Then I have a MAC Full Coverage Crème Foundation. This is in case I have a full makeup meltdown. This covers a multitude of sins; I also carry a very gammy looking sponge to apply it with. When this is applied on top of powder though it can look very dark.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive is also a must in my handbag. I am sure if you wear eyelashes everyday like I do, some days they just don’t sit right and they are a right pain in the ass. So at least if I have some of this with me I can rip them off and try again. You will also be so surprised at how many times this has come in handy for non-makeup things!

Finally, I have a multitude of lip products. I never carry lip colour, just balms and creams. I currently have a Nivea Hydra Care, Boots Repair Cream and Rimmel Lip Conditioner. These just really nourish my lips and on days when they may have split the Boots repair cream is incredible!

That is all for what is in my everyday work makeup bag. I would love to hear from you so leave a comment or drop me an email and I will happily get back to you!


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