Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My Top 10 Lipsticks

I own far too many lipsticks. I don’t know why but every time I go shopping especially for makeup I just throw another one into my basket. So, I now seem to be inundated in them. Especially considering that I have been a makeup artist too, I had to own a lot of different lipsticks to create different looks.

So, I wanted to do a post all about my top lipsticks. I will warn you right now that this post is going to be really MAC heavy. I don’t know what it is about MAC lipsticks but I just love them. You just know that when you pick up a MAC lipstick that it is going to work just how you want it to. So without any more rambling I will just jump into the post.

1)             MAC Whirl

This is a stunning matte dark rose colour. It is my natural lip colour so I go through these like nobody’s business. It is also the lip colour of choice of Kylie Jenner. This is just one of them classic cult lip products that seems to be out of stock so often.

2)         MAC Velvet Teddy

Very similar to the Whirl shade but lighter in colour, I like to use this on top of Whirl to bring back dimension to the lips. Again, this is another favourite of Kylie Jenner. When I work on brides this tends to be the clear winner when we are selecting a lip colour.

3)         MAC Ruby Woo

I think this is a must have for almost anybody. Ruby Woo is an amazing shade, the perfect blue red. It is a matte shade, which dries and lasts forever on the lips. When it is Christmas time I always reach for this lipstick because it is the perfect winter shade.

4)         MAC Dark Side

My autumn shade. Every autumn I must go through one of every time the leaves start to fall. This is a deep wine shade, like a berry colour, in-between a red and a dark purple. I would say if you cross Ruby Woo with Cyber you could get Dark Side.

5)          MAC Viva Glam I

This is a deep red shade. My Christmas lipstick and I think everybody recognises it as that when I wear it. Not quite as vivid as Ruby Woo but not as deep as Dark Side. It is perfect for my dark olive shade. This is a great shade for when I am more on the tan side.

6)         MAC M’Orange

I fell in love with this lipstick when I very first saw it. It is nothing like what I usually go for, it is bright and vivid. With a nice summer tan and bronzed skin this is the perfect lipstick. I always know that it is summer when I all of a sudden want to wear this lipstick!

7)         MAC Cyber

I got this lipstick for Halloween, silly but true. Then I wore it and fell in love with it. It is a deep purple colour but stunning all the same. It has a hint of red to it so it is not all cool tones.  When the leaves are starting to change and we start to transition into autumn and winter this is the shade I like.

8)         L’Oreal Color Riche in True Red

From my list of favourites, you may have noticed that I love red lipsticks. This is one of the cheapest ones that I own but a favourite all the less. It is a serum lipstick so when it is on the list it looks like a gloss. I love this but it does make eating and drinking very hard because it transfers like crazy!

9)         Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

I am sure everybody has seen this online and I am sure you all love it as much as I do. A stunning lip colour in a dusty rose shade which on my complexion is a perfect nude. This lip colour is more or less always out of stock and you have to be really quick to get one, but I love it!

10)       MAX Factor Lipstick in English Rose

This is the only pink lipstick that I own and I adore it. It is a stunning pink lip colour. It does have a slight sheen to it but that makes the lips look larger because it gleams in the sun. This is a great lip colour in the summer!

That is, it for my top 10 favourite lipsticks, I would love to hear from you and know what your favourites are!



  1. I really like both Velvet Teddy and Lolita :) some of my favourites are MAC Mehr, ColourPop Echo Park and Fresh Petal

    Jasmine xx

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    1. I've only recently discovered the ColorPop lippy sticks and I am obsessed!



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