Monday, 18 July 2016

MAC Brushes Review

I have always said that it doesn’t matter how good you are at applying your makeup, how high quality your makeup products are or how much money you have spent on a product, if you apply it with below par brushes then you aren’t going to get a perfect makeup application. Now that doesn’t always mean having to spend hell of a lot of money on various different brushes, it just means checking that the brushes you have are high quality. I have such a huge mix of different brushes in my makeup collection, but this blog post is going to be all about my MAC Brushes.

I have been using MAC makeup brushes for many years now and I have grown quite attached to them over the years. When I think about the ones that I have in my collection and that I reach for a on a daily basis, there are some that I really do not think that I could do without. I have found that over the years these brushes aren’t just good for doing my own makeup, they have been in an essential tool in my professional makeup kit from when I was a freelance makeup artist. So, I thought that for today’s blog post, I would share my thoughts with you guys and let you know my opinion of them.

The first brushes that I want to speak about in this blog post are the Duo Fibre Brushes. When I first bought the MAC Duo Fibre brushes, I bought all of them that they had in the range at the time. So, I got the large one which is the 187, the medium sized which is the 188 and the smallest which is the 130. These have become my go to over the years and I use them all for different things. I actually really love reaching for these brushes all of these years later and they are to a really good quality.

All of these brushes, I have used over the years for cream products mainly. They blend everything in like a dream and make the skin look very natural. I love the large 188 to blend in products like my foundation, the 188 is perfect for blending cream contour and the 130 is amazing for blending out concealer. From the first time that I used these brushes, I did notice one big issue with them and that was malting. I found that the bristles fell of the brush almost constantly and it drove me crazy. For the first couple of applications and washes, I had to go back in with a pair of tweezers and pull all of the small brush hairs from my foundation.

I will admit that after around the third wash, the brushes did stop malting, which is what I was desperate for. It is only then that I started to use them on my clients when I was working freelance because I didn’t want to get small hairs on my customers faces. I found that for working on clients these were the perfect brushes because it allows you to be really delicate without having to press onto the skin too much like you would with a buffing brush. Plus, with them being MAC brushes, you know that they are to a professional quality and the handle is nice and long which allows you to work on a client with ease.

The other brush that I feel like I have to mention is the 217. I am sure that if you are a makeup lover like me, then you will have probably heard about this makeup brush over the years and that is because it is the most perfect brush for blending eyeshadow into the crease and diffusing your eyeshadow. This brush is just the perfect shape, size and density to make it incredible at blending out eyeshadow. I honestly couldn’t be without these brushes and I am pretty sure that I have around 5 of them in my collection at the moment. I use these for everything from applying foundation around the eyes, blending concealer and eyeshadow. If you haven’t already tried these brushes, I think they are an essential for any makeup lover!

I was going to talk about some more of my MAC makeup brushes, but I thought that I would just keep this post short and sweet and mention my essentials. I think these brushes are perfect not just for aspiring makeup artists but for everybody that is passionate about makeup themselves. I will leave links to these brushes down below in case you want to check them out for yourself. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried these brushes and if not, what are some of your favourite makeup brushes.


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