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June Favourites

I cannot believe that I am already doing another favourites post. Time seems to be going by so quickly. June has been a bloody good month for me. I went on holiday with my boyfriend and we had such an incredible time, I am already so sad that I am back from my holiday and I cannot wait to go away again later on in the year. I think my favourite thing about my holiday was just getting to disconnect for a while and turn my phone off and do nothing but relax. When I am at home, I have to be busy at all times and even if their nothing to do, I have to find a job for myself just to keep myself occupied.

It was lovely because it also gave me and my boyfriend some quality time together. Even though we live together, it is easy to get sucked into small trivial things and stop focusing on what matters. Each day we just lounged around and spoke to each other and it was so lovely. But, just because I was out of the country doesn’t mean that I wasn’t trying out makeup products. I have quite a few favourites this month, so here are some of my favourites from the month of June…

Huda Beauty Lashes in Scarlett
I love a good pair of dramatic eyelashes and that is exactly what these Huda Beauty Lashes are. I have wanted a pair of Huda Beauty Lashes for such a long time, but it thought that £15 was pretty expensive for a pair of eyelashes, plus I didn’t have a clue what style I wanted to buy because there was so many to choose from. After looking online, I settled on the style Scarlett, because they looked lovely and dramatic without being anything too dramatic and I thought that I would get lots of use out of these.

Once I got these through the mail after ordering them, I was in love with them. They were exactly what I was looking for and I am so glad that I finally took the plunge and ordered my first set of Huda Beauty Lashes. I have got so much wear out of these recently and I must have worn these close to 15 times now and they still look just as good as when I first took them out of the packet. They are nice and comfortable on the eyes and I have worn these all day long with no discomfort. I will say that the band is a little thick and hard to work with when they are fresh out of the packet, but nothing that a little bending cannot fix!

YSL Le Teint Touché Eclat Foundation
I have been wearing this foundation for such a long time and I think that it is such a shame that more people don’t use this YSL Foundation. I must have first bought this going on 4 years ago and it is still one of my most worn foundations. To start with I only wanted to try this foundation just because it was by YSL and I wanted to branch out into some high-end makeup. After trying this out for the first time, I knew that it was going to be one of my favourite foundations and I have kept a bottle in my makeup collection ever since and that is why I wanted to mention it in this post.

I really do love everything about this foundation and that is why I have been wearing it so much recently. The colour that I have is stunning and matches my tanned/olive skin tone really well. The consistency is so beautiful and it blends into the skin like a dream. I love to apply this with a big old blending brush and it really works it into the skin and gives the most beautiful finish. I have worn this on a 12-hour shift before and I have loved how it looks on the skin just as much in the evening as I have done first thing in a morning. I highly recommend this foundation and I think that more people need to try it out.

RCMA No Colour Powder
I know that I have mentioned this RCMA No Colour Powder hell of a lot recently, but it is a product that I just can't seem to put down at the moment. I have said for quite a while that I have been on the hunt for a good translucent powder and I finally think that I can call the search off now that I have this stunning little product. I am sure that most of you will have heard of this powder before, especially if you have visited my blog before, but over the past couple of months I have really fallen for this product and I have been using it day in and day out.

What I love about this product most of all is the amount of product that you get for the price. In this tube you get nearly 100g of product for only £12, which is just staggering compared to most translucent powders that you will see on the shelves in the drugstore or even in higher end products. The quality of the powder is also incredible for the price. As an everyday powder, I honestly don’t think that you can get any better than this RCMA No Colour powder and I know for a fact that this is going to be part of my makeup collection for a very long time indeed.

St Tropez Mousse in Dark
I couldn’t do this post without mentioning a favourite of mine that I have been reaching for almost constantly and that is St Tropez Mousse in the shade Dark. I know that some people will probably think this is pretty strange with me only going on holiday a couple of weeks ago, but I never really lay in the sun and try to get a tan. I am so careful with my skin, some could say that I am a little too careful with it, but better to be over cautious than damage my skin and the changes be irreversible. So, that is why while I am on holiday and even afterwards, I opt for fake tan and my favourite is the St Tropez.
What I love about this fake tan is just the incredible shade of it. The colour of this fake tan not only makes me look bronzed to the heavens, it actually looks like I have a genuine sun tan, rather than just spraying it on from a bottle. I love the way that this applies because it never looks streaky or patchy on the skin, I also find it lovely and hydrating as I apply it from the bottle. After I rinse this off in the shower I find that I am left with the most beautiful and natural colour and one of the best things about this fake tan is that it doesn’t transfer onto your clothes, which is a bugbear of mine when it comes to tanner.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Perfume
I feel like this Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir perfume really is like marmite, some people seem to really love it and others seem to hate it. I am one of the people that really love this perfume and I have been reaching for it so much at the moment. I used to think that I would just wear this perfume in the winter time because it is a very deep and strong kind of scent that suits the winter months perfectly. But, I love this perfume so much that I couldn’t go through the summer months without using this perfume, so I have decided to start using it again and I love it.

Like I said, this perfume is a very deep scent and the undertones of it are very strong, which means that this perfume really would be for everybody. The reason why I keep going back to this perfume and using it time and time again isn’t just because of the beautiful scent, but also because it lasts for such a long time on the skin. I can apply this first thing in the morning and 6 hours later I can still smell this on myself, which is pretty good going. If you haven’t sampled this perfume before, I would highly recommend going into store and seeing when it is like!

Chanel Bronze Universal
I feel like I really had to mention this product in this blog post because I used it more or less every single day throughout June. Because I am quite tan at the moment, both naturally from my holiday and fake due to the St Tropez, my face has needed to be bronzed up slightly and that is where this Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel comes into play. I am sure that most people will have heard of this because it is a real cult classic product and it has been around for donkey’s years, but I am completely smitten with this product and it is easily one of my favourites for June!

What I really love about this Chanel cream bronzer is how creamy and blendable it is. I usually go in with my foundation and concealer as normal and then I like to take some of this product on the butt of my beauty blender and then gently press it into the high points of my face that the sun naturally hits. This just helps to make my skin look much more naturally bronzed without having to go in with heaps of powder bronzers and making my face look overly matte. I have had this same product for years and it is still going strong and I am seeing no signs of it running low any time soon!

Anyway, here are all of my June favourites. I will leave a link to all of these down below in case you want to check them out for yourself. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what some of your June favourites have been!


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