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Beauty Advice For Beginners

For those of you who don’t know, I am a fully trained makeup artist. After I finished my degree, I was stuck at a crossroads and I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. In the end, I opted for something that I was passionate about and that was makeup. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in makeup, but I at least knew that it was something that I could enjoy. I put myself on a course and I loved every moment of it, which lead to me becoming a freelance bridal makeup artist for many years before I started full time work.

I wanted to do a post that is all about helpful tips and tricks that you can do to try and help people out if you are just about to dip your toe into the world of makeup. This is like 101 for beginners. Everybody has to start somewhere, and I just hope if somebody is out there and wanting some advice, that this post can help you out just a touch. I don’t want to make this post far too long, so without any further rambling I will jump into the post and share with you guys some of my go to tips and tricks for beginners!

Analyse your skin
The first thing that I would suggest to anybody is to sit down in front of a mirror and spend some time really analysing your skin. By really looking closely at your skin you can see what products you will need to correct any issues. I suggest first, looking at which type of skin you have such as dry, combination and oily. Then once you know which category you fall under you can move onto colour correcting. This is looking if you have darkness underneath your eyes, redness around your nose or dark areas on your cheeks. By looking closely at the various colours which appear naturally on your face you can colour correct, making a blank canvas for your foundation and concealer to go on.

Moisturise and prime
Before going in with any kind of makeup, you should always moisture and prime your skin with products to suit your needs. Depending on what your skin type is will help to see what products you should be using. Such as if you have oily skin you want to avoid using moisturizers and primers with oil in, by using matte primers and moisturisers it will stop your natural oils coming through as prominently, meaning your makeup will stay on longer. If you have a dryer skin tone I would suggest going in with a nice thick moisturiser, then give that time to settle in and apply a nourishing primer. If you have combination skin, you should do a mixture of the two in different areas around the face to suit your needs. Most people typically have a combination skin type when you look closely.

Get the right shade
My first tip when it comes to foundation is leave it as long as possible before you start using it. If you are in your teens there is no need for it. I started wearing a full face of foundation when I was around 13 and now I’m nearly 22 I really regret it. Even though you think it does the opposite, it ages your skin by constantly applying and then tugging at the skin to get it off. But if you are going to use foundation I suggest going and getting colour matched. Nothing looks as bad as when people have foundation on their face that looks like a mask. The foundation you chose should match your chest and hands seamlessly. If you get a foundation that matches your skin tone, run with it!

How to apply bronzer
With bronzer, I always think that slow and steady wins the race. Back when I was at school I was a victim of falling in a little too heavy with the bronzer and when I look back on photo’s I look crazy. I suggest going in with a nice small brush and applying a little bit at a time. Just remember you can always add more but it is so hard to rectify once it is on your skin. Also, if you are starting out with bronzer, try and go for a light shade so that it isn’t too different to the shade of your foundation and not too difficult to blend in. Learn from my mistakes guys!

Don’t go overboard with the blusher
This kind of follows suit from the bronzer story. I am sure we have all fell in with the blusher from time to time. The aim is to always look like Coco Chanel not Coco the Clown. Start of small and build it up. Also apply it to the apples of the cheek and lightly buff this back along the cheekbones. This will help to diffuse the colour and make it look more natural. Never have I seen anybody with a natural flush of colour just in a circle on their cheek, blending is the key to everything and finding the right brush to do it with is also a very big help!

Find the right mascara
When it comes to mascara it is important to find the right one for you. If you have naturally watery eyes you should opt for waterproof, if not, I would always go for a regular wash of mascara. Also I would advise always getting every inch of it off at the end of the day. Never leave it on and just top it up the next day. Not only is this wildly unhygienic, it makes your lashes look clumpy and like spider’s legs. Nobody wants that, and not to mention it would look pretty scary!

Go slow with the eyeliner
We all love a feline flick on the eyeliner, and even though it may look bomb, it is very hard to do. I couldn’t do it when I was at school and I binned off as a bad job. I didn’t have time before school to get my concealer out and carve it out. I would recommend a product like the Seventeen High Drama eyeliner. This small handle makes it easy to hold because then it is just like a pen. Then I would go in and do small lines and join them up. Don’t try to go everything all at once. Do small lines and connect them up that way you have more control. Or if you still have trouble with the liquid and gel liner, go in with a dark eyeshadow on an angled brush and press this to the lash line and extend it to create a wing.

Perfect the pout
There is no need to go full Kylie Jenner every day with your lips. For school and work I would suggest something really natural. I like to define my natural lip line with a liner and then go over with your lips but better colour. Or I will fill my lips in with the same liner and then just go over with a lip balm to keep it nourished. One thing I have been loving is the Clarins Instant Comfort Oil lip products. These are super nourishing and look nice and glossy on the lips. They also have a slight tint to them to give you a little colour. If you are going to go bold with a colour, I would make sure the lips are defined and if needs be carving the lips out with a lip brush and a light concealer.

Blend onto the neck
One of my final tips is to make sure that you blend your makeup onto your neck. Any excess foundation on your brush or sponge after you have applied it to your face should go onto your neck. Unless you live in a turtleneck you can always see your neck. And it needs to match your face. You shouldn’t match foundation to your neck because it doesn’t get any sun. So, when you match your foundation to your chest or hands, you need to make sure that same colour is applied to your neck, so everything looks seamless.

Keep the brows tame
I am sure that we all love a strong Cara D brow. But for everyday use we just cannot go for the full look. My advice for the brows is let them grow thick and fast and do not pluck them to change the shape of them. You should pluck them to tidy them up, not to change them. But if you need to fill in any sparse areas I would suggest using a powder that matches. By using a powder and not a pencil or pomade you can use a lighter hand and get a more natural look.

That is, it for my beauty advice for beginners. If you want to know anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me either in the comments or email me and I would be more than happy to get back to you!


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