Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Holiday To La Palma

When me and my boyfriend go on our June holiday we like to visit somewhere that we have never been before. I have been to the Canary Islands before but it has been Gran Canaria or Tenerife, never La Palma. To be honest, I had never even heard of this place, but now, I am so glad that I have!

After our disaster holiday last year to Tunisia at the same time as the terrorist attack we knew for sure we wanted to go to a safe choice. Last year was far too close for comfort, we were on the beach next to the terrorist attack, we even heard the gunshots, soon after they tried to get us all on planes home, which lead to us been in Tunisia airport for 36 hours!

Thursday 2nd June

We woke up nice and early to set off. It was actually a really lovely day which is something quite rare for June in England, even though it is meant to be the start of summer.

We finished packing the rest of our things such as toothbrushes and my makeup that I needed that morning. When everything was done we set off, I put some more petrol in my car and checked my air pressure in my tyres. I checked this a few weeks ago and one of my tyres was 2psi, which is ridiculously low when it should be 30!

We then set off for Manchester airport. The traffic wasn't too bad along the way, in some places there was roadworks but it didn't hold us back and we got to the airport in plenty of time. The next part was really sad, I had to leave my little car. It is ridiculous how much I worried about it while I was gone. But the car park was one of the nicer airport parking that I had been to so it wasn't too bad.

From there we got the bus to the airport. We quickly found our way to departures and we took our place in the queue to check in. It seemed to take forever, I think we was stood there for about half an hour. Once our bags have vanished we went through to security where for the first time in my life I didn't beep going through the metal detectors!

Once all checks were done we made our way through to the departure lounge. In here we feasted on Frankie and Benny’s where I ate a pizza and had my first glass of wine of the holiday, and then I spent a silly amount on snacks and magazines in WHSmiths.

A few drinks later we were called to board our flight. it was a Thomson flight and the plane was practically brand new so it was really nice to be on. me and my boyfriend was sat on the isle seats next to each other. We were the first to sit down on both of our isles so inevitably we had to stand up to let other people sit down. It was a husband and wife with a new-born who was sat next to my boyfriend and while he stood to allow them to get settles and comfortable the people who was seated next to me arrived.

They didn't speak a word of English, but they wanted to sit down immediately regardless of the fact that a family with a new-born was trying to get seated, they barged their way through and barked the word MOVE at me. Regardless to say we didn't speak once we were seated.

When the plane took off I plugged my earphones in and listened to Stone Roses and immersed myself in my Vogue magazine. Before I knew it we were landing, the flight actually flew by.

La Palma airport is really small so in no more than half an hour we were off the plane and onto the transfer coach. The coach journey was long but spectacular. In order to get to the hotel, the coach needed to wind right to the top of the mountain and then weave back down on the opposite side.

When we arrived at the hotel we couldn't believe how large it was, this only went to show once we had checked in and we were handed a map in order to find our way around. The whole check in process seemed to take forever. Thomson has 4 flights arrive in short intervals, so the queue for check in was out of the door. regardless of that though the staff handled it really well and was coming around with bottles of water and checking on everybody.

After getting lost around the complex several times we made our way to our room. it really was lovely. We had a huge bed with a sliding wardrobe, a seating area and a balcony. the bathroom alone as bigger than some apartments that I have stayed before. The room alone looked like it was worth every penny that we had paid.

As soon as our heads hit the pillow on the first night we were straight off to sleep!

Friday 3rd June

I woke up quite early at around 8:30 on the Friday, to the sound of my boyfriend snoring. At home I would have woke him but I was in paradise, so I nearly threw on my bikini and my cover up and sat myself on the balcony with my Harper's Bazaar.

A few hours later the boyfriend rose and we head off down to the pool area. We had missed breakfast so we went early to lunch in the dining room. It was full with so many different food choices, we really were spoilt for choice. I just had fruit which tasted so fresh and juicy.

From there we moved onto the beach bar. In this hotel there is 12 pools which is crazy, some are louder than others. We sat at be which played music for quite a while but then we had a wander around and we found the "chill bar", it was so peaceful, you could sit and have a drink while watching the waves crash against the rocks.

Before we knew it we had been sat there for 5 hours and we had one too many tequilas and I was in a word, sloshed. I could barely stand!

And obviously when your drunk you need food and the best thing about this resort is that there is an onsite pizzeria which do made to order pizzas. We were seated for a minute at the most and the waiter was stood with us having a laugh and joke and taking our order. Within 5 minutes we were eating our pizzas and let me tell you they were genuinely out of this world!

Instantly I felt incredibly fat and full. We then wandered back to our room and slept for 3 hours. Before we knew it the time was 9pm. And naturally we chose to get up quickly and get dressed and go out for even more drinks!

It got to around 10:30pm and we were both even more drunk and we retired back to our room. There we laid in bed and watched TV. For a while we watched Aladdin in Spanish and I translated it for my boyfriend, he quickly got bored and we watched Gold Coast Cops which was so amusing. We then fell asleep into another perfectly peaceful night sleep!

Saturday 4th June

I woke up to the sound of the maid in the room next door, I could hear her pulling out the beds. I made my boyfriend check if her cart was next door. When he came back and said that she was I dashed out of bed and grabbed the dress that was closest to me. I sleep naked, so I don't think that is something she would have wanted to see.

I then took my iPad and sat on the balcony. It was very overcast on Saturday. The sun could barely get in between the clouds. But, I have been to the Canary Islands many times before and I know for a fact that you catch the best fan when you are under the clouds. It blocks the harmful rays and allows through the strong ones that give you a deep tan.

After lounging around for a few hours we put our shoes on and went for a walk. It was so nice to walk around it; it may have been cloudy but it was very warm. We then went back to our favourite place... The pizzeria. We shared one this time so I didn't feel too fat for the rest of the afternoon.

After that we went up to the main building. They have an outdoor seating area and a bar which serves the best cocktails. I had tequila sunrises and mojitos all afternoon, before long I was uneasy on my feet again. I know it sounds like I am drinking a lot but I guess that is because I am. Other than the odd glass of wine I haven't drank since December and I have a full time job and then manage my website from 5 until 11 most nights, so let me have this one guys!

After been sat there for a long time drinking and putting the world to rights we went back to our room for an early siesta. I had a shower and then laid on my bed just relaxing. I am on an Internet ban while I am here, so I just laid and was incredibly content with just being with my boyfriend.

Once we woke up, we turned the TV on to see the devastating news that Mohammed Ali has passed away. Even though neither of us are fans of boxing, you don't have to be a fan to appreciate some bodies awesome talent. He was an inspiration to many in the boxing field and it is so devastating what an illness such as Parkinson's can have on a fit and healthy person.

We then went for our evening meal; we like to go to the dining room quite late on so it isn't as busy. It was Spanish evening so there was lots of seafood and rice available. I only had a small plate because I had a very form fitting dress on and I was terrified I would burst out of it!

Once we were both finished we went and sat on the roof top terrace which overlooks the ocean, it was sunset so it was stunning. I then went to the bar to get the drinks in, my tipple of the day was tequila sunrises and my boyfriend was drinking sex on the beach, which lead to a very lude remark from an elderly couple which made me almost sick, you guys don't want to know what they said!

Then, after far too much we wandered off to bed where we just laid talking for hours on end. A truly lovely 2nd day!

Sunday 5th June

I had a pretty restless night sleep this night. Probably due to the amount of vodka and tequila that I had surging around my system. By now both of us was feeling pretty ropey. So our day consisted of missing breakfast and having a pizza around lunch time.

We then went to lounge around the pool only to find out that we were both far too hungover for that. Having tried for as long as we possibly could we retired to our bedroom. While my boyfriend slept for England I watched one of the only English channels we had on our TV, which was showing Monkey Island all day!

I hadn't been horizontal long when I get a call from my boyfriend’s mum, she herself had just got back from holiday with my boyfriend’s dad and their group of friends. She was just ringing to tell us that my boyfriend’s cousin who was currently in Dubai had got engaged. Her and her partner had been together for 14 years, they had two children together and were beyond happy. From then people was laying the pressure on her partner to propose which I guess made the process longer.

But, while they were in Dubai with their children he hired a yacht and got down on one knee and proposed. My boyfriend’s cousin was beyond thrilled and I am so happy for them. Everybody is now putting even more pressure on my boyfriend to propose saying he had to top that idea, I guess the pressure is well and truly on him!

Monday 6th June

I woke up on Monday to find out that I had been well and truly bitten to death. I was covered in the, the most painful one was on the back of my hand. Not only are they sore but hey are also really big and like an egg under the skin.
On Monday we just had a really lazy and relaxed day, we wandered around, ate pizza and had even more beer. After lounging around in the sun all day we retired back to our room because the sun was hidden behind the clouds and we were desperate to watch a couple episodes of Mad Dogs before we went out for the night.

I can remember all day on Wednesday all I wanted to eat was a curry. And when I got to the dining room there was a curry and I couldn't wait to dive into it. But just as I went to pop some on my plate the lady came around and took it away, I was gutted!

But, it was Mexican night in the other half of the restaurant and I have to admit that it was the nicest meal we have both had since we got here. Everything was so tasty, from the chilli down to the fajitas, it was so tasty!

Seen as though it was the first time I had really had a full meal since I got here I ate so much and then felt painfully full, but I have to say that it was well worth it. We went for a short walk after we had ate just to try and digest it a little. Then we went to the sea view terrace where we sat and drank cocktails into the early hours of the morning.

The other amazing thing though about Monday evening was that it was a Beatles VS Rolling Stones evening so I was well and truly in my element. It just meant that all night while I sat in an amazing place, with the man I love, drinking cocktails I got to hear my two favourite bands. Heavenly!

Tuesday 7th June

On Tuesday I woken up having been a mosquito’s dinner all night. I was covered in bites but God knows how because we sleep with the door shut and there is a fly screen across it. It must be when we are sat outside having drinks at night. The most painful bite I have is on my foot. It is really big and itchy. Not very nice.

I was woken this morning to the sound of the apartment next door to us vacating. People wheeling cases and slamming doors is not what you want at 8am on your last few days of been on holiday!

But I was happy because I was lounging in bed and normally at this time I would be at work, so overall I cannot complain.

Then the sun came through the blinds so we dragged yourself out of bed for our first proper day of sunbathing. Neither of us are really big fans of sunbathing, in particular myself, I am so careful about looking after my skin. So we both creamed up and set off out. We picked a nice area right by the pool but it had a little occasional shade from the palm trees.

We laid around, kept nipping in the pool and drank cocktails and it really was a lovely and lazy day. Then I noticed my boyfriend looking a little red, despite the fact of how much cream he had applied so we headed back to the room. There we were greeted by a message from Thomson informing us about departing which was ever so depressing!

We then went for our dinner and cocktail. We laughed and joked and told each other childhood stories all night and it was just fun and cosy, just how we like it.

Wednesday 8th June

I woke up this morning due to the sun streaming through the curtains. While my boyfriend was still sleeping I got up and threw my bikini on and say on the balcony to soak up a few rays on our last day.

Yesterday my boyfriend had a little too much sun and is a little red today, despite the amount of sun cream or after sun he applied. But he does tend to go red before Brown. I am the biggest advocate of looking after their skin and I lecture everybody about it, so he has had the wrath of me!

Then one he awoke we grabbed out towels and went down to the pool. After laying for a while we both just said it was too hot and dangerous to lay in all day long. So we put our clothes back on and went for a nice walk. We went out onto the cliffs and walked along the shoreline for a while.

After we reconvened to our hotel for cocktails as normal in an afternoon. After we consumed one too many we went back to our hotel room and had a siesta. I also packed everything up we wouldn't need that night or the following day so I wouldn't have to do as much the following morning.

Thursday 9th June

This was just a day of waiting around all day. We had to checkout at 12pm and we weren’t getting picked up by the coach until 6pm. So we couldn't go out in the sun all day because we would have ended up sweaty with nowhere to get changed.

So we found a nice spot in reception on the sofas and just sat around and spoke all day. I have to admit it was really boring. Once we were checked out with nowhere to really to go we just really wanted to get home. But our flight wasn't until 8:30 which meant that we wouldn't last in Manchester until 1am, and then the two-hour journey back home would begin!

I can just remember the whole day seeming like it would last forever. I looked at the clock around half 4 and could not believe how fast the rest of the holiday had flown compared to them few hours. Other people was in the same mood as us, mardy to be going home.

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