Friday, 3 June 2016

May 2016 Favourites

Because we are at the start of a new month, it is time to sit down and round up my May favourites. I loved writing my first ever favourites post last month and other people seemed to really like it, so it is something that I am going to start doing each month. Plus, it gives you guys a little insight into the makeup that I am trying and the ones that actually make it into my everyday makeup routine. I loved reading everybody’s comments on my last post, so make sure to leave me a comment on this month’s favourites post too!

May was really a mixed bag kind of month for me. I was amazed to see how well my blog is doing, which is strange because I didn’t put any more effort in than any other months, it was just nice to see a spike in traffic, it shows that all my work is for something. Now the bad thing throughout the month was that I got Glandular Fever. I have had Glandular Fever twice in my life before and it is a bloody horrible illness. I was bed-bound for almost three weeks, which isn’t like me, luckily, I wasn’t hospitalised due to it like I have been in the past. Anyway, here is to a better June and here are my May favourites…

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation
This was a product that I bought because of the beautiful Casey Holmes over on YouTube. Thinking about it, quite a few of the products that I am going to mention in this post were recommended to me by some of the big YouTubers. For me, when Casey Holmes uses a foundation and likes it, I have to try it out for myself, because I have oily skin like she does, and the same products just tend to work well for me. So, when she bust out this Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation, I knew that I had to run along to Boots and buy it for myself and let me tell you, I have been loving this!

There really isn’t one thing about this foundation that I would change. The shade that I got is perfect for my skin tone. I love the doe-foot applicator because it applies just the perfect amount of product. The consistency is amazing for a full coverage foundation. It hides all of my imperfections with hardly any effort. Plus, it lasts all day long and looks just as good in the evening as it did first thing in the morning. This has become one of my go to products and I am completely obsessed with it!

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
This is something that I am completely in love with at the moment. I actually think that this may be the first Laura Mercier product that I have ever tried, and I think it is fair to say that it has completely stole my heart. I bought this at the end of April and whenever I have worn makeup over the past month, I have set it into place using this Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I am sure if you are a makeup fan like I am, you will be sick to death of hearing about and seeing this product, but now that I actually own this, I understand what all of the hype is about surrounding this product.

I had heard nothing but good things about this powder and that is why I wanted to try it out. I have an oily skin type, so setting my foundation and concealer is an absolute must for me. I have been on the hunt for a good quality setting powder for quite a while that can be my holy grail product and I think I have found it with this one. Not only does this set my makeup into place, it keeps me nice and matte all day long, plus it blurs my skin and keeps it looking smooth and perfected.

MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow
On a daily basis, I don’t really wear eyeshadow. As a whole, I actually tend to shy away from eyeshadow because truth be told, I just cannot be bothered with it. When I am getting up at 5:30 to head to the gym, then getting home an hour later to walk the dog before I get ready for work, the last thing that I am going to sit and do then is an intricate cut crease. I tend to stick to nice and natural shades, that take next to nothing in order to look good and well put together.

Woodwinked for me is just the most perfect shade. It is a brown shade, that has gold glitter running through it. What I like to do is take a neutral shade through my crease such as Benefit’s Hoola, and then I will take the shade Woodwinked and apply it all over my eyelid. It is a rich shade, but it is also very natural looking and pretty for a glittery eyeshadow. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this shade and I think the fact that I am on my third one of these, speaks volumes!

LA Girl Pro Concealer - Beautiful Bronze
I did a review on these LA Girl Pro Concealers a couple of weeks ago and if you saw that review, then I am sure that you will know that I am in love with the shade Beautiful Bronze for contouring with. I have been using this for months now and it has never failed me, and it has become one of my favourite products for contouring my face with. This is another product that came recommended by a YouTuber because Carli Bybel has been using this for such a long time, and I knew that I had to get my hands on it and try it out for myself.

I bought this from Amazon and I am sure that at the time it only set me back around £3.99, which is a ridiculously low price for a product that is as good as this one. I love everything about this contouring product from the product to the packaging. I love that it has a brush built in to the product because it makes it so much easier to apply. The product is lovely and creamy, it blends into the skin like an absolute dream. I am going to continue using this for a very long time because I don’t think there is anything of a similar quality for the low price point!

Morphe M439 Buffing Brush
I am sure that if you are a beauty lover like I am and you watch countless beauty YouTube videos then you will have seen this Morphe M439 buffing brush. I first saw this because of Jaclyn Hill because she uses it all of the time to apply her foundation and I cannot deny that it looks amazing when she uses it. I looked into this a little before I bought it and I saw so many negative reviews about Morphe as a whole, but I have to admit that I really love this brush and I know that I am going to continue to use it for a very long time indeed.

I saw things online about the brand being cheap, brushes falling apart and the bristles being sharp. But, I have been using this Morphe M439 brush for months now and it is incredible. The quality is second to none and stands up well compared to my higher end brushes. It applies my foundation perfectly. It doesn’t soak up too much product and it does the job amazingly. After trying and loving this brush so much, I know that I am going to go ahead and try other Morphe products. This is without a doubt one of the best foundation brushes that I have ever used!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post. I will leave a link to all of the products mentioned down below in case you want to try any out for yourself. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know what some of your favourite makeup products have been through the month of May!


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