Tuesday, 28 June 2016

MAC Full Coverage Foundation - C40 Review

I cannot believe that I am only just getting around to uploading my review on this amazing little foundation. I have been using and loving this MAC Full Coverage Foundation for many years and I have to admit that it is without a shadow of a doubt, my all-time favourite foundation, and that is high praise coming from me with over 50 foundations in my ever-growing collection. This is the product that I always go back to and I know that it will always look beautiful on the skin. I feel like this is an incredibly underrated foundation and that is why I wanted to do this post to shade with you guys what it is about this foundation that I love so much.

I first saw this MAC Full Coverage Foundation over on Wayne Goss’ YouTube channel. I think he was doing a post about his favourite foundations from his collection and he happened to mention this MAC Full Coverage Foundation. From the very first moment that I saw it, I knew that I would love it and I had to get my little hands on it straight away. This was a MAC Pro product, so you could only get it by going into a MAC Pro store or placing an order over the phone, but now they have it on their website and it is accessible for everybody to order which is great for a repeat buyer like me!

To start with, I didn’t know if I would find a use for a full coverage foundation like this in my everyday makeup routine, but it is safe to say that I have. I reach for this every single day without fail and I always love how it looks. I will either use this as a foundation all over my face and blend it in using a damp Beauty Blender to get a full coverage but lightweight look. Or, I will go in with other foundations all over the face as normal and the I will go in with a touch of this MAC Full Coverage Foundation on a sponge and pat it into any areas where I feel that I could do with a little more coverage.

The first thing that I want to mention in this review is the packaging. Because this is a cream foundation, it is in a traditional compact. I actually like the product in this packaging because it is much better than if it was in a stick form or something else. One thing that I feel I do have to mention is that it isn’t that great for travelling with. On more than one occasion when I have gone on holiday, the clear top on this packaging has pushed through and pushed into the product. It really wasn’t the end of the world because it came back out and I could still use it, did I did have to wipe it down and waste a fair amount of product in order for me to pop it back into place.

With regards to the shade range, there are many shades available with different undertones, just as you would expect from MAC. I have used this for a very long time and even used it on different clients over the years and I have always found a shade that I can use and that I can alter using concealer and contour to get a good match. Plus, with this being a MAC foundation, the shades tally with other products in the MAC foundation range, so I found it pretty easy to find my everyday shade in this MAC Full Coverage Foundation.

I found that the consistency of this foundation is quite thick, but I actually don’t mind that. I know that some people like their makeup to feel nice and lightweight, but it is obvious that I am wearing makeup, so I don’t mind the feel of it on my skin. It also isn’t overly thick, it is still easily manageable. My favourite way to apply this foundation is by applying it to the skin using a traditional kind of foundation brush and then I like to blend it in using my damp Beauty Blender. By using the Beauty Blender, it soaks up any excess product and makes it as natural on the skin as a full coverage product can.

As the name suggests, this really is a full coverage product. I am sure if you have read my blog before you will already know that I have issues with darkness around eyes and hyper pigmentation on my cheeks that I like to cover with my foundation. This MAC Full Coverage Foundation, hides everything on my skin with ease and I never have to worry about going in with any more product to build up the coverage. That is one of my favourite things about this foundation, it gets the job done straight away without having to add anymore product.

There really isn’t anymore that I can mention about this foundation. The finish of this MAC Full Coverage Foundation is lovely, it lasts on the skin like a dream, it is incredibly full coverage and covers everything. I have even gone and bought a lighter and deeper shade to highlight and contour my face with. I will leave a product to this down below in case you want to check it out for yourself. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried this and tell me what you thought about it!

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