Friday, 24 June 2016

Illamasqua Lipsticks Review

This is going to be a blog post all about the Illamasqua Lipsticks. I have done a couple of Illamasqua product reviews in the past here on my blog, and I will be the first to admit that they haven’t been particularly glowing. Everything that I have tried in the past seems to be been quite a flop for the high price tag. But, I have quite a few more Illamasqua products in my collection and I know that some people out there will want to know how they perform, so I thought that I would review these lipsticks for you guys, in case there is anybody out there who is planning on treating themselves to some Illamasqua goodies!

For anybody who hasn’t seen my Illamasqua reviews in the past, it was a brand that was pretty forced upon me and it is that reason why I probably don’t get along with the products as much as I should do. After I finished my university degree in History by the age of 17, I didn’t know what to do with my life, I was too young to enrol in full time work, so I opted to take a college course. At the time I didn’t want something that was too academic after being fast tracked through school, I wanted something that I was going to enjoy, so in the end I decided to take a course so that I could learn to become a makeup artist.

Upon enrolling at college, I was forced to hand over a cheque for almost £1000, to have the college provide me with an entire kit of makeup. When I finally got my makeup kit from the college I realised that it was from the new brand Illamasqua, which I had heard of, but I wasn’t bothered about trying anything from. The kit itself was very sparse and lacked some key essentials that as a makeup artist you would need such as a concealer and a mascara. If I had the £1000 in my pocket, I could have gone out on my own and bought so many products and spent the money much more wisely. Included in the kit, were a couple lipsticks and it is that what I am going to review in this blog post for you guys…

The two Illamasqua lipsticks that I got as part of my professional kit were Maneater and Tease. Maneater was a bright red shade that is very vivid, which I would say is similar to the shade Ruby Woo by MAC. The other shade that I got Tease, is a very pale nude shade which I think is similar to the MAC shade Myth. I guess for a makeup kit, it is quite good to have a red and a nude, but for the money that I spent I expected more, but I cannot deny that the shades of the two lipsticks are very pretty and I know that hell of a lot of people would opt for these shades.

What I do have to say about these lipsticks, is first of all, they are incredibly pigmented. I can swipe this once across the lips and it is thick and opaque and you cannot see the natural colour of my lips through it. I tend to go back over it again, but I would say that is more through habit than necessity. And this makes it great for this is a lipstick in a professional kit because you only need the smallest amount of product, in order to get a good colour, pay off.

Now, onto the thing that doesn’t make me love these lipsticks and that is the consistency of them. Maneater, the red shade is a matte lipstick and Tease the nude is a satin lipstick. The matte lipstick in my opinion is just far too drying on the lips. No matter if I prep them to start with and even apply balm over the top throughout the day, my lips felt tight and shrivelled throughout the day. But, I know with matte lipsticks it is all down to personal preference and for me, this is just far too intense. With the satin finish, this is more of a wet feeling, that never really seems to settle down. It is just far too much for me. I need something that is long-lasting, but not drying.

I don’t want to make this review much longer, because I know that it simply isn’t needed. Illamasqua do have a huge range of shades available and if you want a lipstick that will last you from noon until night, this is the matte lipstick to try out. Like I said it really will depend on your personal preference, but these just weren’t for me. I will leave a link to these below in case you want to check them out for yourself. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried these and what you thought about them, if not tell me some of your favourite lipstick brands and I will have to check them out!


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