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I have been blogging for quite a few months now and even though I post regularly, I have never shared much about myself and I want to try and change that with this blog post. I thought about the different ways that I could let you guys know a touch more about me and in the end, I thought that I would go with a good old ‘Get To Know Me’, kind of post. I love reading these when other bloggers do them and that is why I wanted to share this post with you guys. I know that it has been a long time coming, but I hope that this post finally answers some of your questions!

Do you have a middle name?
To put it quite simply, no I do not have a middle name. My mum did initially want me to have the same middle name as her, because all of the women on her side of the family had the same middle name. My dad had other ideas because he wanted my middle name to be his mother's first name. After much arguing and fighting, they decided just not to bother giving me one, which suits me fine because my names already incredibly long enough!

What was your favourite subject at school?
Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite subject was history. When I got to comprehensive school and I had specific history lessons, I realised how much I loved it and how interested in it I was. I then went on to college to study history and that is what my degree is in. I was fast tracked through school because I have an eidetic memory, so I found school, college and university incredibly easy. I am just intrigued by everything that is history related and that came before us… I know that sounds incredibly boring!

What is your favourite drink?
I wish that I could say that my favourite drink was something super healthy like a green juice, but in actual fact my favourite drink is Orange Lucozade. I could literally drink it all day, every day. For a spell, I drank it far too regularly and it made me feel horrific because of the amount of sugar in it. Now, I just have it as a treat to myself or at a weekend and I ration the amount that I have. But, my favourite alcoholic drink is a Cosmopolitan because it allows me to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw!

What is your favourite song at the moment?
I think my favourite song at the moment has to be by my favourite country singer at the minute and that is the lovely Hunter Hayes and the song is Wanted. Anybody who knows me will know that I am obsessed with country music. I honestly wouldn’t know a single song that is in the UK chart at the moment, but I know every country song on iTunes. Genre wise, I can listen to any kind of music, but country really is my favourite. If you haven’t heard Hunter Hayes before, I would highly recommend it!

What is your favourite food?
This is possibly the easiest question so far because it is without a doubt Indian food. I could eat curry all day every day. I never liked curry up to being around 16 and I went to India for 3 months and I really had no choice whether I wanted to eat curry or not. Now my motto is the spicier the better and I just adore it. I love to cook them from scratch and see what it turns out like. A curry really is my kind of cooking because you just throw things in a pot and see how it turns out, no measuring or anything too precise.

What is the last thing you bought?
This was a denim jacket that I picked up from ASOS. It was 60% off in the sale and it is absolutely stunning. I love finding a bargain and I also love a denim jacket. I have a full section in my closet that is dedicated to denim jackets because I have so many different ones that all look ever so slightly different. Plus, I have quite the online shopping addiction and I tend to buy something most days whether it is something big or just a small order, I cannot help myself!

Favourite book of all time?
I think for the history nerd in me, I would have to do with the Da Vinci series of books by Dan Brown. I can remember these first came out when I was around the 10 mark and I loved them straight away. As I got older and a new one would be released, I would get so excited and make sure that I finished it as soon as I could. I love anything that incorporates history and fact and puts it to people in a way that they find interesting. The movies are also really good.

What is your favourite colour?
Even though I do love a really light blush pink as a pop of colour, I think I have to go for black. I don’t know if black is classed as a colour or if it is more of a shade, but it is my most worn colour in my wardrobe. I just think that everything looks good in black, whether it be the latest iPhone, an outfit or something as simple as a photo frame. I just love the colour black and it is just an easy colour to incorporate into your home or an outfit.

Do you have any pets?
I do yes, I have a stunning dog called Mika. I call her my baby, but she is far from that because she is a huge Japanese Akita. She is the most beautiful dog that I have ever seen, I may be slightly biased though. She is 12 years old now, but she is beautiful, strong and still as healthy as ever. God knows that I would do without her because she really is a beautiful animal and I am completely obsessed with her. I know that I will probably be speaking about her in hell of a lot of blog posts that will be put up in the future!

What is my favourite perfume?
I think that I have made this quite obvious in other blog posts over the years, but my favourite perfume without a doubt is Chanel No5. I have used Chanel No5, since I was around 12 years old and it is still going strong nearly 10 years later. I just think that Chanel No5 is such an iconic perfume and every time I spray it on me it smells so luxurious. I honestly don’t think that I could ever get bored of this absolutely amazing perfume and I recommend that everybody goes into store and try it out for themselves.

What is your favourite seasonal holiday?
I think for me it really does have to be Christmas. I have always loved Christmas and as soon as we get into November I bust out my Christmas songs and get the decorations out of the attic. I just love that it is such a happy time, where everybody seems a little uplifted and happier. Plus, I usually get to see lots of my family and spend time with my friends, not to mention that I get to throw my diet out of the winter and eat and drink absolutely anything that I want, which is always lovely!

Are you married?
No, I am not married. I have been with my boyfriend for around 6 years and we have spoken about marriage. It is something that we both want, but out focus at the moment is buying our first home together. We live in a rented property at the moment and we have our money set aside to finally take the plunge and buy somewhere of our own. We have agreed that once we are in our own home, it will be time to focus on a wedding, but it is something that we both really want.

Have you ever been to another country? If so how many times?
I have been so fortunate through my life that I have been able to travel very frequently. Thanks to my dad and his amazing job, I have been able to travel the world and live in many different countries. I think I might have to do a post all about travelling because it is something that I am so passionate about and I love getting to pack a bag and leave the country for a while. The only thing is now that I have a full-time job I cannot travel as much as I would like to, but I try as much as I can to get away!

Do you speak any other languages?
I speak a little Italian. When I go back to Italy to see my grandmother, I can string a couple sentences together, but I am in no way fluent. I can stretch to asking for a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta, but I guess that is the most important things when I am in Italy. I just think that Italian is such a stunning language and I would love to be able to speak fluent one day, I just wish I had the time to take time out of my day to learn the stunning language!

Do you have any siblings? If so, how many?
I have one older sister and for the longest time we have despised each other. We fought like cat and dog when we were younger and as we grew up people would tell us that we would be the best of friends when we grew up, that never really happened. I don’t hate her like I used to, but I feel like too many things have happened in the past for me to pretend to be her friend now. I will be civil with her for the sake of the family, but I don’t think we will ever have the kind of bond that other sisters have. It really is such a shame.

What is your favourite shop?
My favourite shops without a doubt are always Selfridges or Harrods. I know that probably makes me sound really snooty, but I am not at all like that. Anybody that knows me will know that I do love my high-end designer goods, and these places have them all under one roof and that is why I love them. Not only that, I have always had incredible customer service and got my goods beautifully packaged. I also really like places like House of Fraser and Space NK where I can get makeup from!

What is your favourite restaurant?
I don’t really think that I have a favourite restaurant as such because I always try to have something different whenever I go out so that I can see new places and enjoy new food. If we are just wanting to nip out for something quick, we will tend to just go to the local village pub because they do the best homemade food. If we are wanting something that is eating out, but not too fancy we will usually end up at an Indian and usually Akbar’s because we have one near us and the food is lovely!

When was the last time you cried?
I know that this will probably sound pathetic to most people, but I think it was probably a couple of days ago. I suffer really bad with migraines and I have ever since I was little. I can be in pain with a migraine for weeks at a time and this time it just got to me. I have had the same migraine for around a fortnight now and it just got too much. I laid in bed and cried like a baby and even rang my mum to come over and look after me. I know that it sounds ridiculous, but the pain is just insufferable!

What is your favourite blog?
I think for me at the moment it has to be Sincerely Jules. I think that the lady herself is stunning and her style is impeccable. I love how all of her outfits look and she gives me real style envy. Then, I think that my second favourite blogger would have to be Casey Holmes. Not only do I love her YouTube looks, I also love her blog and Instagram where she posts different outfits, which are always relaxed, but well put together and just the kind of thing that I would wear!

What is your favourite movie?
Where do I even start with this question? I love movies so much. Since I was a little girl, movies have been such a huge part of my life and I love nothing more than sitting down and watching a good old film. I think one of my most watched movies by far is You’ve Got Mail. I must have seen that film going on 100 times over the years. But, when you look at the movies in my Apple TV, I literally have around 600 films, so this was a hard question to answer!

What is your favourite TV Shows?
By a country mile, my favourite TV programme without a doubt is The US Office. I have watched the entire box set so many times and it never gets old. Some others that I love are Will and Grace, Top Gear, How I Met Your Mother, Suits and so many more. I love just getting sucked into a programme and getting connected to the character. But I also love any documentary by my favourite old David Attenborough, I could watch him all day every day!

PC or MAC?
I would say that this is kind of a mix of both for me. I have a windows desktop computer that is great for doing my blog work on. Then, I also have a MacBook, iPad and iPhone. I don’t really have a favourite because both of them are really good for different reasons. I guess the Windows PC is great for familiarity reasons because I have always used Windows. But, my MacBook and iPad are great for when I want to blog on the move!

What phone do you have?
I have an iPhone 6S Plus. I have had an iPhone since the first one was released, and I have never had anything else. I have thought over the years about trying something new, but when it comes down to it I just end up buying another iPhone. They do everything that I want from a phone and I love that all of my devices sync together and work perfectly. Maybe one day I will try something new, but at the moment I really cannot imagine it because I am more than happy with my iPhone!

How tall are you?
This question should probably be more like, how short are you? I am a tiny 5’1”. I look like a hobbit compared to my family. My father is one of 9, a mix of boys and girls and they are all over 6’. My mum and her side of the family are all around 5’10”, so I am very small compared to all them. Any family pictures that have me in tend to look hilarious because I end up stood in amongst my little cousins and nephews, which is just ridiculous!

Can you cook?
Over the years I have taught myself how to cook. I grew up with a mother who god love her, can’t even boil pasta. From around the age of 14 I tried my hand at cooking different dishes and just experimenting with flavours and now if I don’t mind saying so myself, I am pretty good at it. From my early teen years, I have prepared every single meal in our home and I love doing it. I am training up my boyfriend though, so he can at least help me out every now and again!

Anyway, that is the end of this post. I really enjoyed writing this for you guys. Sorry it got so long and wordy, but I really enjoyed this post. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered, make sure to leave them down below in the comments box and I will happily get back to you guys!


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