10 Marriage Proposal Ideas To Help You Get A Yes

Remember this, guys: girls look forward to a memorable proposal. It doesn’t have to be over-the- top or flashy, but your signature personal touch should be there.

Girls would often say anything would do, as long as the love and romance are there—never believe them as they’re just being coy. Any woman would love to be swept off their feet and made to feel like a princess, even for just one day.

A marriage proposal, especially in these digital times, transcends just the two of you. The event will be recorded for posterity, shared on social media, and saved to be savoured by generations. But, any meaningful marriage proposal won’t be complete without an engagement ring. Make sure to get the most unique and beautiful engagement ring for your future wife from Mimi’s Jewelry Store or any other reputable jewellery shop.

If you’re still not sure how to deliver the most imaginative and unforgettable proposal, here are ideas to help you out:

A dinner date in her favourite restaurant would be nice for a guy who wants to keep it low-key but romantic. You may ask the help of the kitchen staff to hide the engagement ring inside the dessert, like in a souffle.

Don’t forget to cue the bouquet of flowers and romantic music to be played by a string quartet at the exact time you’ll get down on your knees to say the romantic words you practised.

There’s nothing a little meticulous planning with the restaurant staff won’t be able to accomplish. Just make sure to tip them nicely after.

  • An Announcement Over The Radio

Maybe, the two of you love to listen to radio shows together, and, perhaps, it’s your morning or midday ritual. You may propose on air, but just make sure you have a valid excuse why you can’t be beside her at that precise moment. You may also dedicate a song or recite a poem that summarizes how much you love and look forward to being her husband.

  • A Full-Page Ad In A Broadsheet

Maybe your future wife loves to read the morning news every morning while having her cup of coffee. You may pay for a full-page ad in her favourite newspaper and print your proposal for everyone to read. You may have your best photo together and craft a summary of your love story for a more romantic feel.

  • Re-enact Your First Date

Travelling down memory lane is a sure-fire way to make your girl feel giddy and loved. It’ll show her how devoted you are and that you pay attention and remember even the tiniest details, which could translate to a resounding ‘yes!’ Or, maybe, your first date was in a movie theatre to watch Armageddon. You may request the movie place to allow you to screen the movie for you and a few of your friends, who’ll be concealed and will only reveal themselves after she says ‘yes.’

  • A Fun Treasure Hunt

You may create a treasure hunt where the last stop would be the ring you’ll place on your girl’s finger. Make the activity romantic by popping up loving surprises and cute trivia about your relationship that she will answer and figure out along the way.

This kind of marriage proposal will strengthen your relationship, reveal how much you know about each other, and kindle the fire of love stronger as you grow together.

  • Hide It In A Fortune Cookie

Suppose you love getting Chinese takeout; you may hide your marriage proposal inside a fortune cookie so she may read it out loud, and you’ll be ready with your ring once she’s done.

  • Propose 35,000 Feet In The Air

If you love to travel to distant places and collect memories of those places you visit, it’d be symbolic to have your marriage proposal done on a flight several thousands of feet in the air. Seek the help of the captain and the flight crew so you may stage it successfully and get that precious ‘yes.’

  • With The Help Of Their Favorite Celebrity

You may involve her favourite celebrity, and pretty sure they’ll be ecstatic. Ask the help of her favourite star and send them a message way in advance so they can plot it on their schedule, or, if not, you may request for a video greeting from them to be played somewhere you plan on proposing.

  • Involve The Family

A marriage proposal with the help of family will be memorable. You may ask family members to hold up placards that spell out the words ‘will you marry me.’ In an intimate setting, you’ll lead her blindfolded.

  • With The Help Of A Furry Friend

You may gift your future wife a pet of her choice and tie a message to the pet’s neck, which she could read as she gushes on the excitement of holding a cuddly dog or cat. The situation might confuse her at first as she won’t know what to do because of excitement. But, as soon as the initial shock of receiving a furry animal subsides, she’ll grasp the enormity of the message—definitely a seesaw of emotions.


A marriage proposal is something worth remembering. You have to put all your efforts into making somebody you love feel special and treasured. As previously mentioned, you don’t have to be over-the-top, but you have to pull all the stops, including choosing the best engagement ring she’ll be enthralled to have.

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