Thursday, 25 January 2018

My Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I love the winter time when the evenings are dark, and it is frosty in the morning, but one of the main reasons why I love this time of year is because of the fashion. I love getting to busy out my thick knitwear and really layer up. Even when we are in the height of the summer I yearn for bundling up warm and putting a scarf on. So, I thought for the next fashion post here on my blog, I would tell you about some of my fashion winter essentials. In this post, I am going to tell you about all of the things that I reach for time and time again when the weather drops slightly cooler.

I thought that I wold start with all of my high-street favourites, then I will do a high-end post in a few weeks. Even though I know that some people would probably see about my high-end purchases, I also know that some people aren’t keen on it
because they feel like it is a little braggy. So, I thought that I would test the water to start with and then maybe update you with a high-end version in a couple of weeks. Anyway, without any more rambling, here are my winter fashion
must haves…

The Statement Coat
I am more of a rock chick kind of person than I am a floaty and feminine girl. And one thing that I have been obsessed with throughout the winter is my statement jacket. Last year I picked up a leopard print bomber jacket from Topshop and I have been in love with it. I think having a statement jacket in your closet is such a good thing because you can reach for it whenever you want to add a little something extra to an outfit. Whether you pair it with a mini dress, trousers and a blouse or even a simple knit jumper, it is something that I like to keep in my closet, just to whip out whenever I need it. If I don’t opt for my leopard print bomber jacket, I will definitely go for my aviator jacket.

The Warm Coat
Even though I love having a statement jacket that I can reach for, I also have to have something in there which is a little warmer. Living here in the UK, it is cold hell of a lot more than it is warm, so a nice warm coat is an absolute must have. Over the years I have had so many nice and thick coats, but at the minute I am really loving the whole wrap style. I have a nice long and grey herringbone style coat, which I think just pairs with everything. I also have my trusty Parka that I bought from Topshop years ago and it has seen me through many winters and is still doing the job really well. I will say that at the time I did pay quite expensive for my Parka, but it is worth every single penny!

Thick Warm Scarf
Because I am the coldest woman in the world, I have a full shelf in my wardrobe which is dedicated to just my scarf collection. Throughout the whole winter, I will accompany pretty much every single outfit that I put together with a nice thick scarf. I love layering and I think it just helps to pull an outfit together and make it look so wintery and cosy. I have quite a collection of scarves ranging from cheap ones from ASOS and quite pricey ones from brands such as Acne. I
love a scarf and they are my go to for any outfit. Even if I am just running to the shop in leggings, a cashmere jumper and my leather jacket, I will throw on a scarf to make me nice, cosy and warm.

The Poncho/Wrap
Now, because I am the coldest woman in the world and sometimes a scarf just will not cut it, so I have to opt for a poncho. A while back I can remember seeing this woman walking into a cocktail bar in London and she looked so chic, she had a poncho on and then it was tossed over her shoulder and it just looked so effortless and stunning. I have a lovely cashmere poncho that I bought from M&S and I am obsessed with it. If I am nipping to the shops I will throw it on over my comfortable outfit, or even over some shirt and trousers when I am going to work. I am really loving it at the moment. Whenever I have this on it makes me feel like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada!

Everyday Boots
I live in ankle boots during the winter months. I did a post the other week about all of my favourite boots for the winter, so I had to mention them briefly in this post. Some of my go to outfits at this time of year are short mini dresses or skirts,
paired with tights and boots, so I really use and abuse them at this time of year. Even though I do own so many different pairs of boots, the type that I reach for more out of all of them is a pair of small black suede boots, I feel like they look so good paired with some mini dress and tights. Not to mention that black ankle boots are just timeless and if you invest in a pricey pair, they will last you a lifetime!

Countless Jumpers
I seem to collect jumpers like they are going out of fashion, I just seem to buy them all of the time. Some of the jumpers that I am really loving at the minute are from the ASOS basics range. I bought the same jumper in 4 different colours and I wear them all of the time. Because they are a basic crew knit jumper they pair well with everything, whether it black trousers, vinyl leggings or a black skirt. I think these were only around £24 each and they are well worth the money, especially if you work in an office like I do. I also have a pricey version which are my cashmere jumpers from John Lewis which are worlds apart in quality, but obviously the price is much higher, but worth it in my book!

A Maxi Cardigan
I bought a long black maxi cardigan in around October last year and I have been completely obsessed with it recently. I have lots of clothes from the summer months that I like to carry through to the winter, whether it be tea dresses, pencil skirts or cami tops, and in order to make them more suitable for winter, I pair them with something like a maxi cardigan and it looks really nice and most importantly warm. I have never really been a fan of cardigans, but I am loving how these
looks at the moment. You can pick these up from hell of a lot of places for lots of different prices, mine is a middle of the range one that I picked up from ASOS and it is stunning!

There you have it, everything that I am obsessed with at the minute and what I have been heavily relying on all winter. As you can see, above each of the things that I have mentioned, I have popped in a couple of links so that you can see what I am talking about. Make sure you leave me a comment down below and let me know what kind of outfits you have been loving throughout the winter months! 


  1. Those red ankle boots are fab!! I've been wanting a pair like this for ages!!! I wear lots of jumpers lately and I love that you can pair them with everything!


    1. They are stunning, I wear them all of the time!

      Danielle xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know, they are some of my absolute winter time staples!

      Danielle xx

  3. Love how you do these shopping posts, you always feature the best picks! Loved the Devil Wears Prada reference with the poncho haha, they are super glam!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    1. I just feel so sassy when I throw it on!

      Danielle xx

  4. Loving every single piece ;) Especially feeling you on the scarf, absolutely can't live without one around my neck ;p x

    1. You should see my scarf drawer, it is almost obsessive!

      Danielle xx

  5. I really love winter too - I don't want it to be over! Statement coats and thick scarves are a must and you have some great picks here x

    1. Thank you sweetie, I am glad you enjoyed reading it!

      Danielle xx


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