Saturday, 29 July 2017

Revisited: MAC Studio Fix Fluid

I have been using this foundation for near on 10 years and that makes me feel really old. I can remember watching YouTube, I am sure it was one of Kandee Johnsons videos and she used all MAC products. For my birthday that was a couple of weeks later I asked for every single thing that she used and this foundation was one of the items that she used.
I feel like I don’t even have to introduce this MAC Studio Fix Fluid because it is one of them cult products that I am sure pretty everybody has tried over the years. For those of you who don’t know about this foundation, it is one of MAC’s staple products, it seems to be a rite of passage for a young girl to have used this foundation at some point in their life.
This was my go to foundation for years on end. I probably used it from been about 13 years old right up to my late teens, so for quite a while. And, it is still one of them products that I like to keep one of in my drawer because I do like to go back and use it every now and again. It is only these past few years while I have been branching out and trying other brands that this has been pushed more towards the back of my drawer.

So, I got a little inspired by Casey Holmes and her flashback Thursday YouTube videos. In them videos she looks back over her old videos and then reviews the products again and gives it another whirl to see if her opinion is still the same, so that is what I thought I would do for you today with the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.
This to me has always been a ride or die product. I can remember when I was younger it been really intense coverage and I used to apply it so that it was really full coverage and more like a mask than a layer of foundation. But I can remember always loving how it looked and feeling really pretty whenever I had it on.
It is safe to say that this time around my opinion about this product was just a little different…
When I first pumped this out I couldn’t help but notice how thick it was. It literally came out and held its form on the palette, it didn’t run anywhere it just sat there and didn’t budge, that is how thick it was. I can’t remember it ever been that thick in the past, but I guess back then I probably saw that as a good thing.
When I applied this to my face I genuinely felt like my skin was dying to breathe. I know that sounds really over the top and just a tincy bit dramatic, but it is true. I felt like I had about 5 layers on because it was that intense. It actually felt more like a gel when it was on the skin because of how thick and heavy it felt.
The coverage as well wasn’t as great as what I remembered. Back in the day this used to cover every little thing that was on my skin. I can remember applying it and my skin looked 100% flawless without a blemish or freckle peeking out. I don’t know if it just because I have more to cover now but it just didn’t seem to hold up that well. I could see the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks even when I tried to build it up.
When I did try to build it up, I have to say that it quickly went from looking ok, to looking quite muddy on the skin and it just failed to cover what I wanted it to. I tried packing it on with a sponge and then with my very dense Morphe M439 brush and each time it just didn’t do what I wanted it to.
When I had this foundation in place and everything was blended and I had concealer and powder on top with all of my bronzing and contouring I have to admit that it did look very nice. It made my skin look very nice in some places and it looked very perfected. I just think that personally I have been spoilt with some of the newer foundations that I have tried out by other brands and I am trying to compare the two together.
I think if you are just starting to try out high end makeup and you want to dip your toe into the water I would definitely suggest this foundation. I am sure this is about £22 a bottle which for a good quality foundation is a fair price. Just because my looking back didn’t really work out for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work out for you. I just think that sometimes my expectations are a little too high and after using things like the Marc Jacobs Remarcable, I want things to be that high impact and still feel nice and natural on the skin.
If you want to check this foundation out and give it a whirl for yourself I will leave a link below. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation if you have tried it out!



  1. I haven't used this for years either and would be interested to see whether I still loved it as much as I did then!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. It is so strange going back through my collection and rediscovering things!

      Danielle xx


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