Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Top 10 Foundations

I am somewhat of a foundation junkie. They are by far my favourite makeup item. I just love how with one item it can completely transform your face and make you more confident about yourself. That is what makeup is all about to me.

Earlier in the month I did a post all about my holy grail foundations and people seemed to really enjoy it, so I thought I would do a post all about my top 10 foundations. So, get snack and a cup of tea because I can see this post turning into a long one. Without any more rambling on, I will just jump into the post!

I have been hooked on this foundation for absolutely ages now. It has a very intense coverage and gives you a real flawless look. You can use this foundation very sparsely for a lighter look, or you can go in heavier and get a more intense and full coverage look. I tend to go just about somewhere in the middle, a more natural look. I have never tried a foundation like this before which is so pigmented and high coverage, and for somebody like me with hyperpigmentation it is perfect.

This foundation for me is an oldy but a goody. I have been using this for years, I actually think it was the first higher end foundation that I bought that wasn’t MAC. I love everything about this foundation from the really sleek packaging to the scent of the foundation itself. When I use a buffing brush with this foundation it just looks like it was made for my skin and my natural olive undertones. I love this stuff and if anybody is ever wanting to dip their toe into higher end makeup, I recommend this foundation.

I have raved about this so many times here on my blog that I feel like I don’t even need to mention it anymore. I am a massive lover of stick foundations and I always have been. They just glide on the skin so nice and it blends out flawlessly. There is also so many colours in this foundations range, I just can’t seem to stop using it. I have so many different shades of these so that I can wear them just as I have tanned and gradually as it washes off. Also, having lots of shades means you can get a real tailor made foundation.

Why oh why did it take me so long to try this foundation. I was recommended it for ages but thought that I knew best so I just didn’t go with it. it was finally on offer at Debenhams so I bit the bullet and tried it out. I use this all the time and it is just amazing. Every single time that I have used this it comes out looking gorgeous. Plus, there is a great shade range so you know that there will be something to match so many different skin tones.

I love a good stick foundation and this Makeup Forever Foundation Stick is great for just a nice natural look. I always like to have something on my skin even if it just a very light layer. I like to go in with this foundation and draw it all over my face, then with either my buffing brush or a Beauty Blender I will just blend it into my skin. I do have to build this up to get a fuller coverage on my hyperpigmentation but it can be built really nicely.

6)      EX1 Foundation

This is probably the cheapest foundation that I am going to mention but it is oh so good. I have been using this now for about 6 months and I am on my 3rd bottle of the stuff. I think that just shows really how much I have been loving it. It is just a great everyday foundation for when I am at work. It applies to the skin so nice and smooth and it blends away so nice and evenly. I wish there was a foundation as good as this when I was at school or college and I wanted a good low cost foundation.

I have been using this now for years. I think I first saw it on Wayne Goss’s YouTube channel and I have been obsessed with it ever since. I will either apply it to my face using a buffing brush and really working it into my skin, or I will mix some of it with moisturiser for a lighter coverage. This is great as well if I just want to press a little more coverage over my problem areas if I have a sheer foundation all over my face. I love this stuff.

I wasn’t sure if I should splurge and get this foundation for absolutely ages. I just couldn’t justify having the spend that much money on a foundation, but now that I did I am so happy about it. When I have an occasion and I know that I want my makeup to look finished well and really perfected this is the foundation that I will reach for. It is phenomenal and works so well for my skin tone. I thought with it been a luminous foundation it wouldn’t work for my oily skin type but it is perfect.

I feel like most of the foundations that I have in my makeup drawer are quite thick and full coverage because that is what I like. But I also like to have a nice lightweight foundation, just in case I feel like switching it up. This foundation is amazing for them days when I don’t really want to wear foundation, but I just want a bit of coverage and more than anything to get my face the same colour as my fake tanned body.

And finally, the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation. This foundation works amazingly with my oily skin type. It just glides right on from the wand and with very minimal blending I am good to go. It lasts all day long and doesn’t budge. This is also perfect for people with sensitive skin, Clinique is known to be good because it is fragrance free and doesn’t irritate the skin.

So, there you have it. I have tried to keep this post as short as possible, but I get so excited when I am on about foundations that I just get lost in it all. If you have any questions about any of the products that I have mentioned just let me know and I will get right back to you!



  1. I'v only tried 3 of these foundations! I'd like to try the EX1 foundation next xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

    1. It is such a good and affordable foundation!

      Danielle xx

  2. I love Marc Jacobs Remarcable and the EX1 foundation - they're my faves too! Dying to get my hands on the MUFE stick foundations, heard so many good things about them x

    Olivia / Olivia Roses

    1. I love the Makeup Forever HD Foundation Stick, it is such a good and lightweight product for everyday use!

      Danielle xx

  3. The Chanel foundation looks amazing. I love your list :)

    1. It is such a lovely foundation, if you don't mind fragranced products!

      Danielle xx


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