Monday, 8 May 2017

Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer vs MAC Studio Fix Concealer

I love a good full coverage concealer, so you can obviously imagine how much I would love these two concealers. The MAC Studio Fix Concealer has been one of my go to products for years now, I always have to make sure that I have one in my drawer. A new one of my go to products is the Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer, when I want to go full glam, this is the product that I have been reaching for.

First up I am going to touch on the amount of product that you get with both of these concealers. With the Becca Ultimate Cover Concealer, you get 4.5g of product. With the MAC Studio Fix Concealer, you get 7g, which is near enough double the amount!

Next on the list is the packaging. The Becca Concealer really does take the crown when it comes to this product. It is a nice little glass jar and it looks and feels really luxurious. The MAC packaging isn’t bad, but it just doesn’t feel expensive like the Becca concealer does. Not that packaging is important, it all comes down to the packaging.

Both of these concealers are in little pots. So, for both of them I use my spatula and put it onto a metal palette and then I apply to the face. If not, I will just go in with my concealer brush and then apply it to my face. I am the only one using these products so I’m not bothered about double dipping!

The MAC Concealer and the Becca concealer are both really thick in consistency. The MAC I would say is quite waxy in consistency and you have to really work your brush into it. The Becca Ultimate Cover Concealer is more of a cream and much smoother to use.

Now onto the most important step in my opinion and that is the coverage. I think that I can quite confidently say that both of these products are full coverage. A little bit of either of these products goes a really long way and covers absolutely everything. If I had to say, I would say that the Becca concealer is ever such slightly fuller coverage.

When the MAC Studio Fix Concealer is on the skin it just feels like any other crème product, there is nothing distinctive about it and when it is blended out it feels like absolutely nothing. For the Becca Concealer, I would say that it feels quite sticky no the skin. When I apply, it using my concealer brush I do feel like it is dragging my skin because of how thick it is. Then it feels tacky until it is set with a powder.

Finally, onto the price of these items. For the Becca Ultimate Cover Concealer here in the UK you would pay around £24. Then for the MAC Studio Fix Concealer you get £16. Remember though that with that you get a lot more product with the MAC, but better coverage with the Becca, so it would just be up to personal preference what you would choose.

If I had to choose between the two I think that the Becca Ultimate Crème Concealer just takes the winner for me. It is so creamy and blendable and even though you get less product, I personally think it goes further in the long run than the MAC. Plus, when I have used this concealer I notice such a big difference to how my under eyes look.

As normal with all my blog posts I will leave a link down below in case you want to check any of them out. Make sure to leave me a comment below and let me know what concealers you have been loving recently.



  1. I used to have the mac concealer but in typical me style, I took it on a night out and managed to lose it! I definitely need to repurchase it because I loved it!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. It is a great concealer, one that I think everybody should try!

      Danielle xx

  2. I really need to try the MAC Concealer now they have a lighter shade xx

    Gemma Etc.

    1. It is so good, I love it for covering the darkness underneath my eyes!

      Danielle xx

  3. It is interesting you liked the BECCA better.
    I have to agree with the packaging comment - but I didn't really like it.
    It seemed to go into my wrinkles - maybe that is because I am a lot older than you.
    I have to use more liquid products!
    I really love your thoughtful review though!
    Set to Glow

    1. Thank you!
      I just really enjoy using it, but I guess that is because it covers my darkness so well... because I have hell of a lot of darkness to cover!

      Danielle xx


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