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10 Products I Cannot Live Without

Even though for my blog I try out lots of makeup products, when I find something that I like I stick to it. I really am a creature of habit and I will use something day in day out and I don’t get bored of it. If it works for me and my skin tone I will use it to within an inch of its life.

And, because of how many products I have tried in the first half of this year I thought why not update you on what has become the products that I cannot live without. These are the products that I know I will always repurchase so that I have one in my drawer.

I thought it would be really hard for me to choose the products that I think are the best of the best but to be honest it was a lot easier than I thought. I use most of these products on the daily which for me just shows how much I love them. So, without any more rambling I will just jump into the post…

I am all for that quick and easy life. As you probably know I have a very cute puppy, what you don’t know is that she runs me ragged, so I need products in my life that are super quick to use. All you do is wind the product up, apply it to the face, blend it out and you are good to go.

It blends out really easily and just looks flawless. It is great for on the go, I even used this when I have been parked up in the car just because it is so easy to use. If I could only recommend one foundation to people at the moment it would definitely be this one!

This should probably be on the number one spot because of how obsessed I am with this. I never really used primers before because none of the ones that I have tried really made that much of a difference to my skin. Then I tried this and the whole game has changed for me.

It makes my skin feel instantly like silk. It fills in all my pores and controls the oil that I get on the sides of my nose. When I use this in the morning I don’t have to worry about touching up my face with my powder at all. I couldn’t be without this primer again!

Where do you even start with a product that is this stunning. I have wanted this for ages and put it off for the longest time because I couldn’t justify spending £49 on something that I was sure I wouldn’t use all that often. Little did I know that I would use it every single day.

The contour shade isn’t too deep and has just the right amount of ashy tones to make it look like a natural contour. Then the highlighter is even more stunning than the contouring shade is. It is just the right amount of glow to a highlighter hater like I am.

On my blog for the past few months I have been talking non stop about the YSL Shocking Mascara and for good reason, because it is absolutely amazing. But, I still love my Maybelline Sensational Mascara. The great thing about the Maybelline Mascara other than the very cheap price is how well it looks.

The wand is very comb like so it gets right in-between all of your lash hairs and really evenly distributes the product and makes sure that there is some on every hair. Also, because of the comb it makes sure that your lashes don’t clump up which is a pet peeve of mine.

I have never really been a big fan of blushers. For me I am all about the bronzer, so for me to put the bronzer to one side and reach for the blush you know that it has to be good. I had heard great things about these blushers so when they was in front of me I knew that I had to pick one up.

Other than the fact that these blushes apply really nicely and blend out like a dream the great thing about these is that you basically get two colours in the one palette. You can use them together to get the swish and pop that it was intended for or you can just use one of the colours. Amazing!

I have loved this product for so long and I am sure you are sick of seeing it on my blog because it has been in near enough every single one of my favourites posts for the past 12 months. But, I just cannot seem to put it down. Every other concealer that I have tried just doesn’t really compare.

It glides on the skin so nicely and the wand is so much better than normal concealer wands. It doesn’t crease under my eyes and it just stays put really well when I set it with a powder. I recommend this to absolutely everybody who asks me for a good concealer, it is easily my number 1.

7)      EX1 Foundation

I can’t believe that a drugstore foundation has made it into my favourites post, I never thought that would happen because when it comes to foundation I can be a bit of a brand snob with them. Not because I think that drugstore foundations are bad, but just because I haven’t found one yet that works well with my skin.

Now that I have found this foundation at a reasonable price I cannot put it down. For a liquid foundation it is really nice and creamy and blends into the skin really nicely. I like to apply it with my Chanel paddle foundation brush and then I go in with my damp Beauty Blender and it looks flawless on the skin.

8)      Tom Ford Lip Colour

I was very sceptical to start with about Tom Ford lipsticks. I just didn’t know what could be so good about them that deserved a £39 price tag. Since trying I put all my doubts to one side and just completely fell in love with them and I have started hoarding them. I know, a very expensive item to hoard!

These just glide on the lips really smooth and creamy and last for ages. Normally when you have a creamy lip colour that is comfortable on the lips you have to sacrifice the staying power of the lipstick, but that isn’t the case with these at all.

This is the most universal lip pencil that I have ever used. I love it to death. I thought when I initially saw people using this that it would be far too light for my skin tone but I was so wrong. It just glides so smoothly onto the lips and really helps to build up your lips and it makes them look fuller and more plump.

I love this for slightly over lining my lips. I never go crazy with it, I just do it ever such a small amount just to really define and correct the natural shape of my lips. It doesn’t make the lips look too false or too defined and it is just a really great product. I can already tell that in no time at all it will be sharpened all the way down to the end!

Since I first used this I have been hooked on it. I think for me the best thing about it is the size of the nib. It is much larger than other products that are similar like the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Which means that it cuts down the amount of time that I spend on my eyebrows which is a god send.

Plus, I think that this Hourglass product is really nice and creamy which means you don’t have to press on hard to get a good colour payoff. The colour is also stunning, it is a nice ashy brown which suits my brow hairs perfectly, my bug bear with many products is that they are too warm toned.

So, there you have my top 10 at the moment. I just cannot seem to put these down at the moment and I can see it continuing for a very long time. I just love how they apply and how they work with my skin. As normal with all posts here on my blog I will leave links down below in case you want to check them out!



  1. So many beautiful picks here! I need to buy a Tom Ford lipstick! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

    1. Tom Ford lipsticks are my weakness, if only they weren't so expensive!

      Danielle xx

  2. I have nearly all these and am also in love with them all but have never tried the hourglass foundation stick, is it ok for dry skin do you think? xoxo Sarah from Iheartcosmetics xoxo

    1. I have dry skin on my forehead and I can wear this comfortably without looking overly dry. I would say go in with a good moisturiser beforehand!

      Danielle xx

  3. I am dying to get the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette! I wrote about it in one of my recent wishlists!!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. It is such a stunning palette, I am obsessed with using it!

      Danielle xx

  4. Ooh this is a great idea for a blog post!! I love the sound of the urban decay concealer, it needs to be mine!! x

  5. I love the Porefessional, even if I'm using another primer, I often pop a bit of it on :) the Urban Decay concealer and Maybelline mascara are two of my absolute staples as well

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It is such a good primer, if I don't use it, I feel like I haven't done my makeup properly!

      Danielle xx

  6. I didn't realise Hourglass did a foundation stick, I've been after one for ages!! xx

    Tamz |

    1. I absolutely love it, I am obsessed, such good coverage!

      Danielle xx


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