Thursday, 9 March 2017

Morphe E4 Angled Blending Brush

When it comes to makeup brushes I am stuck in a rut. It is very rare that I spend money on makeup brushes, so some of mine look a little tatty and have seen better days to say the least. So, from this month on I am going to bin one brush a month and replace it with a nice shiny new one. So, this month I decided to treat myself to a new Morphe E4 brush.
I had seen Jaclyn Hill using this brush on her YouTube channel for ages, then when she included it in her Morphe favourite video I knew that I needed to have it. She used it for blusher so naturally I had to use it for blush as well. Which meant that I could finally bin my old tatty Ted Baker blush brush that I have been using for years.
First up I want to mention this and I know to some people it just won’t make a difference but to me it does. This Morphe E4 brush comes with a nice long handle which I think helps make the brush as good as it is. When brushes have a nice long and weighty handle it helps to give you more control of where the product is being applied and how heavy you are going in with the product.

Next I want to touch on just how soft the bristles of this brush are. Honestly, it is the softest brush that I have ever tried by Morphe. And, as you may have already seen here on my blog that I have tried a couple brushes in the last year and honestly, I can say that nothing has been as soft as what this E4 brush is.
Now onto the actual shape of the brush. This is an angled brush and to be honest up until I saw Jaclyn using this brush, in my mind I had reserved angled brushes for only contouring and bronzing but oh how I was wrong. Because of the shape of this brush it just helps to defuse the product really nice and get a really natural and blended look.
Finally, I just want to mention about the overall look of this brush because it is just a pretty brush. It is really nice and sleek. To be honest it doesn’t really matter how a brush looks as long as they do the job that they are designed to do, but when they look nice it is just a bonus.
Overall I just want to say that I cannot recommend this brush enough. It has worked really well with every single blusher that I have tried out. If you are looking for a new blush brush I really wouldn’t look any further than the Morphe E4. I got mine from Cocktail Cosmetics here in the UK and I am loving it!


  1. Have you tried using this brush for any other uses other than applying blush?
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I have tried it for contouring as well and it is really nice because of the shape of it!

      Danielle xx

  2. I love that you point out something that often is overlooked! The long and weighted handle really does make a difference and shows that the brand is taking as much into consideration as possible. Great review, I gotta check out the brush myself now! =]

    Danielle | <3

    1. I'm glad you liked the review, thank you sweetie!

      Danielle xx


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