Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick Review

I have wanted to try this foundation for the longest time. Since it first came out and I think every single person in the beauty world owned it I knew that I wanted to try it out. Anything that is said to be really high coverage I feel like I have to put it to the test.

I don’t have problem skin as such but I do have hyper pigmentation on my cheeks which does tend to put the term full coverage to the test. If something is super full coverage and really pigmented it will cover it straight away without having to go in with more product.

When I first got this product, it is obvious right from the start that this is a luxurious stick foundation. When you compare this to others such as the Anastasia or the Makeup Forever Stick Foundation it does feel and look overall much nicer.

When I first applied this product, I have to admit that it wasn’t initially how I expected it to be. It did glide onto the skin really nicely and the shape of the applicator makes it nice and easy to get in the hard to reach areas of the face. My issue was when it comes to blending out the product.

I used my Morphe M439 to blend it out just as I do with all of my foundation first impressions. To me it just seemed to drag the foundation around the face. Don’t get me wrong it did get the product blended out nicely to my skin, but the process of it just didn’t feel very nice. So, the next time I used it I tried my Beauty Blender and that just isn’t for me.

With one layer of the foundation my hyper-pigmentation wasn’t completely covered, which is always the test. It did cover it pretty well but to me it was still visible. With a small amount, more of the product and patting it into the skin with my Morphe M439 everything was covered completely.

To really put the foundation to the test I tried it out without a primer underneath to see how it would control the oils around my nose. But I have to say that after setting it with powder and doing the rest of my normal makeup on top of it, it looked flawless.

It wasn’t drying on the skin but to me it looked really nice and matte. I had to blot once throughout the day which is good going for me because normally in the office with the heating on it can get really warm which doesn’t help things!

I have found myself reaching for this foundation so often because I have really been enjoying using it. The only thing that puts me off from using is how much product you get in it. I think it is 7g, which is more or less the amount of product that you get in a concealer. I know that it is meant to be super highly pigmented, but I still use a decent amount of it to get the look that I want and it seems to be going down really quickly!

I do love this foundation and because it is in stick form and so quick and easy to use. I cannot seem to put it down which just proves that it has my seal of approval. I do recommend this foundation, whenever I use it I get compliments on my makeup and my skin, best of all it feels really lightweight which is so refreshing for a full coverage foundation.

As normal I, will leave a link down below to where you can check this foundation out. Also, please feel free to leave me any questions that you may have down below and I will get right back to you. Have you guys tried this foundation, what did you think?



  1. I feel like this sounds like it would be my perfect Spring foundation, something lightweight and easy to use. I might need to get matched up and give this a try x

    Lily |

    1. I didn't think I would love it half as much as I do, I am hooked on it!

      Danielle xx

  2. This sounds lovely! I've never tried a stick foundation before but this one would be top of my list to try!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I love a good stick foundation and this by far is my favourite!

      Danielle xx

  3. I want to try this foundation but I want to get to a store because it's pretty pricey so I don't want to buy the wrong shade! xx


    1. That is a good idea!
      I took a guess and by a miracle ended up with the perfect shade!

      Danielle xx


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