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Products To Offset A Tan

I am the biggest fan in the world of sun kissed skin. I live to be tanned. I never go in the sun though because I am so cautious with my skin, so I am an avid fake tanner. But, I do have a very olive skin tone so when I do go in the sun even if it is from walking from place to place I get tanned very easily.

So, when I am on holiday these are the products that I like to take with me because I think that these paired with a nice tan look amazing. And these things also help me to elongate my natural tan when I am back at home to stretch the tan out just for a little bit longer!

1)      Red Nails

Red nails on tanned skin just look amazing. It just makes the skin looked darker and it makes the hands look so pretty. Whenever I go on holiday I always have a red manicure before I go. If I am going to do my own nails I will always use my OPI gel in Big Apple Red, it is just the perfect vivid red shade.

It doesn't matter what your skin tone is. I have very deep and natural olive skin and I tan really easily, my sister on the other hand has very fair skin and barely looks anything other than pure white and this colour looks stunning on both of us through the summer months.

2)    Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Cream Filmstar Bronze and Glow

I like to use the bronze shade of this on my bare skin just to add more depth and glow. I take this anywhere that the sun would naturally hit so all across the forehead, slightly on the nose and the cheekbones. It just makes you look like you have been in the sun!

If I am holiday abroad I will keep this in my beach bag. There have been so many times on holiday where we have gone out and just been walking around and we see a nice restaurant and want to go inside, so I will pull this out and just add a little glow to my face to make me look a little bit more put together!

3)    Tom Ford Body Oil

This stuff makes the body glow. I like to put this on my shoulders and my collar bones. It makes them pop and adds a flush to the skin. It makes you look so glowing and pretty. I highly recommend this stuff even though it is super expensive.

At first I have to admit that I was pretty dubious about spending this much money on a body oil, especially because body oils are something that have never really interested me before. But, I have to admit that this works wonders throughout the summer months. 

4)    Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body

For my legs this stuff is a saviour. I do tend to get a fairly even tan but like most people my legs don’t go as dark as the rest of my body. So, I roll this stuff on and lightly rub it in and I am good to go. It just helps to smooth everything out and really make it look even.

The reason why I love this product is because it is just like a sheer foundation for your legs. I use this more or less whenever I am having my legs out. Not because I have things that I want to cover up but just because it makes your legs look really long and airbrushed!

5)    MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked

It is very rare that I wear makeup if I have a nice tan but if I am going to I like to use bronzy and gold shades just like this one. This all over the eyelid just makes the skin look even more glowing because of all the gold flecks in it. When I put this on the centre of my eyelid it just helps to reflect the light and make the skin look even whiter and brighter.

The good thing about the shade Woodwinked by MAC is that it is brown based. Which works really well for my skin tone. If I was wanting to get a similar look on somebody with a fairer skin tone I may choose a shade such as All That Glitters which is more pink based and gives a nice rose gold look.

6)    Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

This is the best bronzer ever. I use this on a huge Tom Ford Bronzer Brush and just buff it in on all the high points of my body that are out. So I will take this on my forehead, under the cheekbones, shoulders and on my chest. It makes you look like a Greek god this stuff and it is such a nice and deep shade!

The great thing about this Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion is that it does have a really small amount of shimmer throughout the bronzer. When I apply this to the face I can never seem any shimmer on my face, which is a good thing. But that shimmer that is in there just makes the skin look really nice and healthy. 

7)    Tom Ford Lip Colour in Indian Rose

Indian Rose is such a nice colour, it just spells summer to me because of the glowing pink. It just brightens the skin and makes you look so summery!

8)    MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Much like the red nails, red on the lips just helps accentuate the tanned skin and it is so stunning. I usually wear this with nothing on the skin and just a slick of mascara and it looks so pretty. It is just a really nice and healthy summer look and makes the skin look really deep and glowing.

The reason why I love MAC's Ruby Woo is because of the exact shade of the lipstick. This is a cool toned red shade, which may sound silly but it is true. It isn't deep like a burgundy, it is a blue toned red which makes it a really bright and red shade. 

9)    St Tropez

For them times when my tan is a little uneven and I need to correct it I go in with just a little bit of this. A little goes a really long way so I will just put one pump onto my mitt and blend it on the whole area. For me I like to use this on areas such as my calf's. This is an area that seems to tan much slower than the rest of my body so a little self tanner works wonders.

The reason why I love St Tropez over other self tanners is because of how easy it is to apply and how nice and evenly it applies. I have been using this stuff for years and I have never had a disastrous self tan when I have been using this. 

10) Nars Body Oil

The Nars Body oil is very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel body. This is like an oil but it has colour to it. So it will just make your skin look even more glowing and sun kissed. I love this stuff; I have already gone through a whole bottle of it. You must try this out if you love that deep glowy look!

That is, it for my products that help you to look like a bronzed goddess. Please feel free to leave me any comments below as normal because I love to hear from you!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post, as normal please feel free to leave me any comments that you have below and I will get right back to you!



  1. I really need tog et the Bronze and Glow all my friends rave about it and i feel like i'm totally missing out!

    Abigail Alice x

  2. Completely agree that red nails always look beautiful with a tan. I've never heard about the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body before, it sounds amazing! xx

    1. I love that product, I literally lather my legs in it during the summer!

      Danielle xx

  3. The lipstick shade looks so beautiful! Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. It really is, and it is such a nice lipstick to wear!

      Danielle xx


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