Sunday, 5 February 2017

My Beloved Red Bandana

Over the past 12 months or so I have had an increasing obsession with neckerchiefs. It is a strange one I know but they are just so chic and beautiful, but one I had bought one I had to buy them in every colour. But this red and white one is by far my favourite.

I can remember as a little girl going to Llano in Texas, my uncle’s wife is originally from there so when they got married many years ago they did it on her family’s ranch. It was stunning. They got married at sunset and everything looked incredible. If you imagine a country and western wedding, it was they exactly. Everybody wore cowboy boots, the men were in jeans and all girls in linen sundresses.

I was a little bridesmaid, probably only around 10 years old. I had on a white sundress that came just to my knees, really nice and cooling floating material. Then I had my hair all curled that went all the way down my back, back then I had hair past my bum. Then the finishing touch instead of a tiara was a red and white neckerchief. Even now looking back at all the bridesmaids, it just completed the outfit.

So when I saw them starting to crop up I went into overdrive and the obsession exploded. I like to wear this with a simple outfit. Normally with a plain white t-shirt, it just brings something out that really finished the look and the contrasting red to the white looks so sharp and impressive. And it really does take me back to being in my favourite place which was on that ranch in Llano!

I will link below to some similar ones if I can still find any!


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