Sunday, 12 February 2017

MAC Frankly Scarlet vs Illamasqua Beg Blush

Blusher is probably my least favourite makeup product and that is purely down to the face I am more of a bronzy person than I am a blush type of person. I have always found blusher quite intimidating. If you put too much on it can completely ruin the makeup that you have done underneath and it is so hard to correct. Whereas if I apply too much bronzer I can blend that until my arm falls off but with blusher it isn’t that easy.

I have started to create my own MAC palette with blushes in. For my OCD I cannot physically have lots of different blushes in my collection because it just ends up like clutter. I recently got the MAC blush in Frankly Scarlet and the Illamasqua blush in the shade Beg. In this comparison I am not so much comparing the colours as I am the product in general.

The Illamasqua blush set me back £22 and the MAC blusher was £15. Bearing in mind that the MAC blusher that I got was without the outer packaging so I could put it into my pro palette.

First up is the formulation of these two blushers. The MAC when it is in the pan and your swatch it feels really buttery, it doesn’t crumble when you put your finger or brush into it for that matter. The Illamasqua blusher when I put my finger in to take a swatch it did feel really creamy and then when I popped the product onto my hand it looked really nice. However, when I put my brush into it to apply it seemed to break the product up and crumble the blusher. I ended up with it all over and the blusher looked like I had owned it for months because there was fall out everywhere.

I like to apply blush by ever so lightly applying it to the apples of my cheek then taking an angled brush I will blend it back along my cheekbones. I did this with both of the blushes. I found that the Illamasqua blusher was really nice to blend, but even with a light had it almost seemed to vanish from the skin, the colour pays off wasn’t that great. The MAC blusher did take a little more blending than the Illamasqua but nothing too excessive. Then I was just left with a really pretty flush of colour.

Now onto the amount of product that you get in the pan. With the Illamasqua there is 4.5g which is surprising because the pan along with the packaging seems to be really large. With the MAC blusher you get 6g. Which doesn’t seem like too much of a difference but when you put it into perspective it could be an extra month of use!

Finally, onto the pigmentation and colour pay off of these two products. When I swatched both of these colours onto my hand I did have to rub harder into the Illamasqua to get the colour to look as rich as the MAC blusher. If you are looking for value for money and a really lovely formulation I personally would go for the MAC.

That is, it for this comparisons, please feel free to leave me any comments below and I will get back to you. I will also leave links down below in case you want to check any of these items out.



  1. I really wish I could wear a colour like this, but I really can't - well not without looking like I have run a marathon lol, they are so pretty though!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. I understand exactly what you mean!
      These colours look nice eon my tanned skin, but when I use them on my sister, it can look rather silly is it isn't blended in properly!

      Danielle xx


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