Thursday, 2 February 2017

How To Make Your Liner Sharp

Me and eyeliner has always had a love/hate relationship. Where I love it and it seems to hate me because it never works out right for me. I have been wearing eyeliner for years. I can remember getting my kohl liner when I was at school and scrawling it all over my eyes and thinking it was acceptable to leave the house like that.

I then upgraded to liquid eyeliner, which I am sure you know brings new problems with it. It is bloody hard. Back then as well when I was starting out there wasn’t thousands of YouTube videos like there is today. I learnt the hard way, by making a mess and pure perseverance.

I don’t want you guys to make the same multiple mistakes that I did. Some days I truly looked like a toddler had drawn on my eyes with a Sharpie and I don’t want you to suffer the same fate.

I start my eyeliner by doing the outer part of the wing first. I draw the line from the outer corner of my eye and extend that out 1cm. I draw the line so that if I was going to carry it on it would meet the outer corner of my eyebrow.
By doing this it just helps to ensure that both of the wings on my eyeliner will be the same angel. I’m not that particular that I will be stressed if they don’t evenly match, but they at least have to look like they are heading in similar directions!

Then when that line is in place I will pull my eye taught with the skin at the side of my eye. By doing this it just ensures that the skin will be smooth and the liquid eyeliner will glide over it evenly. I didn’t use to do this and it resulted in the liner been bumpy and I would often tug on my skin making a right old mess of things!

When the skin is being pulled tight I then go in with my eyeliner and join the outer corner of the wing down to the middle of my upper lash line. By doing this I will get a straight line down and it will be the perfect winged shape. Now it will look quite harsh but when you release the skin near you eye it should look like the perfect wing.

If you aren’t confident to connect the two areas together in one movement start with little brush strokes until you feel more comfortable doing it. Just note that if you do this there is more chance of it looking choppy.

When I have my wing in place I sit looking straight on into the mirror. The I go in with my liquid eyeliner on the inner portion of my lash line. I will start at the inner corner and work my way out until it connects with the wing of my lash. I will do this until the liner is the correct thickness that I like it.

I do this sat perfectly straight on into a mirror because it helps me to match up the two eyes so I don’t have one thicker than the other. Just like before if you aren’t confident doing this in one stroke do multiple but make sure it doesn’t look like you have stopped and started.

Then if you do have any harsh lines just got in with a cotton bud and some makeup remover and clean up around that area. Another hack that you can do is use tape from the outer corner of your eye to get that perfectly sharp line. I also sometimes use a concealer if I need to go in and do a little cleaning up. I will just take a little on my concealer brush and go straight under my liner to make it really stand out and look perfect!


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