Monday, 9 January 2017

School Makeup Tips

I wanted to write this post on tips for wearing makeup to school. I wanted to do this because when I look back at pictures of myself from when I was at school I can’t help but cringe. The colour of my face was something out of this world. I was the deepest shade of orange and back then I didn’t use to highlight or contour so I was a lovely 2-dimensional circle.

I just really want to emphasize that less really is more, natural beauty will always be timeless. And, I don’t want your toes to curl every time you see an old image of yourself, much like I do. So here are 10 tips for school that will make your makeup so much better. And these are the mistakes that I made!

1)             Wear no foundation or a very sheer one

When I was at school I used to cake it on and I mean it was thick. Little did I know that my skin was at its best when I was in school and I should have showed it off now. Now, from wearing makeup for far too many years my skin isn’t as good as it used to be. If you want to wear foundation make sure it is a sheer formulation.

2)          Don’t wear kohl liner

I used to line all the way around my eyes when I was younger because I thought it was cool. It did look great first thing in a morning but by the time I got home after been there for 6 hours it was so far under my eyes it was embarrassing. There really is no need for it. No kohl liner makes the eyes seem even brighter and wider.

3)          Have a waterproof mascara

I use to get the cheapest mascara that I possibly could. It wasn’t bad and it did the job but it I got wet either by the rain or sweating in PE, I would look a hot mess. I would end up with dots all over the eyelid.

4)          Only wear balm no lipstick

There is no need to wear lipstick to school. It just looks silly and overdressed. Now as a 22-year-old when I drive past the local comprehensive near me and I see the school children wearing lipstick it just looks silly, like their trying to be old. A nice slick of a clear lip balm will the lips moisturised and nice and soft looking.

5)          Don’t wear bronzer

You don’t have to look sun kissed at school because you are all in the same boat. Don’t wear bronzer because there is just no need for it. Or if you do use a very light hand and blend it out until your arm hurts. I used to have sparkling bronzed cheeks and it was horrific!

6)          Only fill the brows in naturally

Just fill gaps in of your eyebrows, don’t try to change the shape of them. Embrace what is naturally there, but if you have a scar of a bald spot just fill it in ever so lightly.

7)          Blend down your neck

If you are going to wear foundation blend it onto your neck. Don’t just stop the foundation at the jawline or it will look like you are wearing a mask. Gently drag it down you neck just to make everything seamless.

8)          Wear a light fake tan

I tanned far too much when I was at school. Everybody knew that I had just gone a little crazy with the St Moriz tanner because the day before I was as white as a ghost. If you are going to use a really light colour one, gradual tanning lotions are the best.

9)          Only wear crème blush

By using a crème blusher over a powder one it makes it easier to cover up any mistakes. You don’t want to look like a pot doll with two big red dots on your cheeks. By using a crème blush and your ring finger gently apply it and blend it out until you can barely see it. It will give you a natural flush without looking over the top!

10)        Don’t put foundation anywhere near your lips

I know this wasn’t just me that did this in school, I am pretty sure it was a generational thing but my era at school loved to put foundation over our lips. God knows why we did it; the nearly dead look must have been a thing. Make sure that foundation never goes on your lips, it just looks unhealthy and it really dries them out!



  1. I wish you had put some before pics with this 😂 I stopped wearing kohl liner years ago too, it makes my eyes look so small and it gathers in my bags!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I don't think you could handle the before pics, they are not cute!

      Danielle xx


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