Monday, 16 January 2017

Nails of the Month

This year one of my new year’s resolutions is to try and make my nails pretty all year round. I love doing my own gel nails but in between my puppy, working and my blog I have been seriously neglecting my hands over the past few months.

I think it is since I had acrylic nails at the end of October my nails have been quite thin and weak so I haven’t really wanted to mess around. I have just been filing them down and then applying a clear coat until my nails start to grow back stronger.

So, this year I have treated myself to the CND Shellac Gel Kit. Apparently, the lamp is so much better than just a normal one. I was looking into getting the Gelish one but apparently, the CND lamp works better with Shellac colours, so I opted for that one. It is quite expensive, I think I paid £175, but it is worth every single penny.

My nails right now are this bold red colour. This is actually an OPI gel colour in Big Apple Red. It is just a really bright vivid red colour, I love it for the winter months. I tend to switch up between this colour and the OPI Malaga Wine. Both are really great shades for winter and the colder months.

To prime my nails, I wash my hands. Then I will get my rough nail file and just graze the top of my natural nail to rough it up a bit for the product to stick to. When that is done, I will just add a little primer and give that some time to soak in. When that is done, I will then get my cuticle tool and just gently push my cuticles back. I never used to do this but now I realise how important it is. If your gels are done over the lit of cuticle that grows on your nails, they will lift really easily.

Then my nails are completely primed so I move onto application. First, I will apply my Gelish base coat and cure it under the lamp. Then I use the Gelish nail foundation and again cure it. When that is set I then apply a thin layer of the Gelish builder. This just adds structure to your nails. I love this because it allows you to use less colour and really strengthens your natural nails from any snapping.

Then when my nails have all of the first step finished I will go in with my colour. I paint it onto my nails just like normal. I make sure that I have a cotton bud at the side of me to clean up. I apply one light coat and cap the end of my nail and then cure it. Then I do another light layer and do the same again. When the colour is done and it looks even and not streaky I will then apply a high gloss clear coat. My favourite is the one by Shellac. Then my nails are finished.

It really doesn’t take that long, especially with the CND lamp, it has cut out so much curing time because of how quick it is. I love this nail look for this time of year and I can see it been a staple all year round. I will keep you up to date with this lamp and if I think it is worth the money, but so far, so good!



  1. I love OPI polishes but have never tired the gel ones! They do such a good range of colours!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. They really do!
      There is so many to choose from and they are really well priced too!

      Danielle xx

  2. Everyone is going on about 'shellac' at the moment.... I don't understand the difference!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I haven't tried Shellac but I do really want to give it a go!

      Danielle xx

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