Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Living Gluten & Dairy Free

As you may or may not know but I do not eat gluten or dairy. I know a lot of people do this just as a lifestyle choice but please know that isn’t the case for me. Nothing would make me happier than to go and eat a huge plate of lasagne full of gluten filled pasta and dairy filled cheesy top!

I started to notice nearly 4 years ago, now that something just wasn’t right. I would have my breakfast of two Weetabix and milk and instantly I would look 9 months pregnant. Normally I have a very flat stomach and I live in pencil dresses so when I get bloated it is noticeable to everybody.

One day it just really got to me. Not only do I get a bloated stomach after I have eaten them but I swell in general all over. It is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, especially when I am sat at work and my bra feels like it is cutting into me. So, I decided to go to the doctors.

I just wanted to know if there was something wrong with me which was causing me to swell like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and that is genuinely how I felt I looked. After a simple blood test and a couple days wait I got the results back that said I was intolerant to dairy and to gluten.

For an Italian girl like myself knowing that I can’t overindulge on huge bowls of pasta with parmesan on the top anymore was like a bullet to my heart. And let’s get real, if you have tried the free from ranges they taste like crap.

For me it has just been a huge adjustment. I found that if a food cut out gluten it would make up for it in other things that I either didn’t want to put in my body or things that I was also allergic to.

So now I live in the free from range of the supermarkets. For breakfast I just have Alpro yoghurts. When I first tried them they didn’t taste like a normal yoghurt, don’t get me wrong they weren’t disgusting, but they just weren’t normal. But what did I expect really for a yoghurt with no dairy in!
Then for my lunch when I am at work I just have chicken and rice with various flavouring on. That is a proper caveman meal because there is nothing processed in it. And by using the different flavours each day it just stops it from getting boring.

For evening meal, I will just take advantage of the gluten free foods. It is pretty easy to stay away from dairy when I am cooking, I will just avoid cheese and creams. But I will have curry’s, or jacket potatoes. Really it has just really cleaned my diet and stopped me from having processed foods and made me really take not of what goes into the food that I am eating, which was quite eye opening.

For me it has just been a huge eye opener. It has been an adjustment for the better and my diet is much more clean and healthy now. And long gone is the bra cutting me in two like cheese wire!

I hope this post has helped you out in some way or you just wanted to be nosey. Either way thank you for reading, if you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to leave them below or drop me an email!

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