Thursday, 26 January 2017

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation Review

I have been staring at this Koh Gen Do foundation longingly for so long on the Sephora website for almost a year. I desperately wanted it but they never had my shade and the price seriously put me off. I think in GBP it worked out around £50 with taxes and that is excluding shipping which is seriously pricey for what it is.

But I have this in shade 143, which is the same shade which was used in the Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial, so naturally this sold out instantly. There must have been so many people walking around with darker foundation than their natural skin colour just because KJ did it. Which means innocent folk like me with an Italian coloured completion had to suffer and wait for them to restock!

Anyway, it came in stock so I leapt on it like a gazelle and bought it straight away. I did order it through Sephora so it did take a while to get to me. I have an entire review on my first Sephora order, you can find it by searching in the box on the right. Overall it was absolutely fine, no difference to ordering from a company in the UK, just longer delivery time.

First thing I noticed before I even used this for the first time was how light the colour was in comparison to the swatch which was online for this colour. Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in the shade 143 on the Sephora website looks like a deep yellow based colour but when I got it through it looked like a NC25 from MAC, which is quite light in colour compared to what I thought it was going to be.

Second thing that I noticed and absolutely loved about Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation is the packaging. It is just a really simple glass bottle bit it feels and looks really nice and it makes you start to realise why it is around £50 to purchase.

Now let’s get into the product itself… This is a really thin and lightweight foundation. It really is in the name of the foundation, Koh Gen Do AQUA. It is a water based foundation so it is nice and light on the skin. Because it is so lightweight it makes it really easy to blend and buff into the skin. I would say that it is similar in consistency to the MAC Face and Body Foundation also the L’Oréal True Match. They are really thin foundations.

The coverage that this gives I would say is medium but it is buildable. I applied one light layer of this, I only used two pumps for my whole face and it covered everything perfectly. Even my hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and my freckles were completely covered using that one layer. The coverage I would say matches the YSL Touché Éclat Foundation.

I have applied this two ways. One was to paint the foundation onto the skin using a Chanel Foundation Brush and then taking my damp Beauty Blender really pushing it into the skin. The other method was my taking it and buffing it in using a Morphe M439 brush. Both ways work really well and make the foundation look flawless on the skin.

I am going to try out the technique that Kylies makeup artist used by mixing it with the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. This should then deepen up the colour of the foundation to match more my skin tone and it should also make the coverage more intense, because it is just a bottle of pure pigment.

I used this for several days, I applied it in different ways and it looked gorgeous each time. I then just finished my makeup like normal on top of it and it lasted flawlessly each day without any issues at all.

It just shows that I like this by the price being the only con of it. I do like this foundation but realistically I cannot see myself repurchasing it at the same price. I will do another blog post when I have used it with the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and let you know how I find it then. That may make me head over heels for it, but we shall see…



  1. Oh this sounds amazing! I would just be hesitant about which shade to buy! xx


    1. That is the only draw back for me, the shade range isn't that great!

      Danielle xx

  2. I've never tried any of their products before but this sounds like an amazing foundation so I'm tempted xx

    1. It is such a nice foundation and great for this time of year when my skin needs some hydrating!

      Danielle xx


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