Wednesday, 11 January 2017

5 Ways To Make Time of The Month Easier

As all of us women know periods are the fucking spawn of the devil. That is the only accurate way that I can think to describe them. I honestly hate when it comes around. I used to be one of those bitches that didn’t get any pain and my period was just a breeze, but as I got older things got worse and now I am virtually a cripple for a week.

So, I wanted to give some words of wisdom to my fellow ladies out there who suffer the way I do. I just do everything that I can to make it fly by and just be a little bit more comfortable through it all. Before I start this though I just want to say thank you to my boyfriend for putting up with me when I am horrible little bitch, I suffer awful mood swings and he just takes it in his stride, anyway let’s just get into it…

1)      Eat and drink whatever you want

When I am on my period I feel like a big bloated blob, so I don’t want to eat or drink crappy things. But you just have to think… fuck it. If you want a slice of cheesecake, have the fucking cheesecake. I literally stuff my face for a few days. The rest of the month I am a saint when it comes to food, but in this time, I need the comfort of fattening food and drink.

2)      Curl up in bed

I find that when I am cramping up the best thing that I can do is curl up in a small ball in bed. Curling up helps to keep the muscles relax and makes the spasms less intense. If I can I will stay here all day long and only move for the bathroom and to get food and then I get back in the same position!

3)      Have a nice long soak in the bath

When I am on my period my muscles cramp like hell, so a nice long soak in a scalding hot bath works wonders. I will fill it right to the top and then just lay there for hours on end. I normally end up having to top the hot water up because I am in the bath for that long. I usually like bubbles, bath salts, candles and music and then I am really relaxed!

4)      Watch your favourite TV and films

When I feel like utter shit I just do everything that I can to try and stop thinking about it. I like to set up my Apple TV and work my way through a series or binge watch a set of films. For me it is normally something geeky, like Star Trek, Star Wars or Harry Potter. Geekier the better!

5)      Have a pamper

I just in generally feel like a bag of crap when it is the time of the month so I try and do everything I can to feel a little bit better about myself. After my long bath, I will blow out my hair, put a little self-tanner on. And then either get my nails done or dedicate some time and do them myself. It just helps me feel a little girlier and cleaner!

So, there you have my 5 ways to making the time of the month just a little bit easier. I hope that if you are a sufferer like me that these help you just to be a little bit more comfortable. I’m not saying that they will take the pain away, but they will just make it a little more bearable for you!

If you have any tips and tricks that you like to do please leave them in the comments below because I would be more than open to trying anything new!


  1. I agree - it is SO awful at that time.. All of these points are spot on! For me, period time is lots of hot water bottles and staying indoors in PJS all day!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. Me too. All I do is just mope about for the whole week!

      Danielle xx


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