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MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation vs Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation

This post is all about two of my favourite foundations. The MAC Studio Fix Fluid has been my ride of die for so many years. I cannot even begin to count how many of these I have repurchased. And, now I am the same with the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation, but I do mix between the two!

I just wanted to let you guys know the good points of these foundations and really battle them out against each other. So let’s get started…

First up is the amount of product that you get in both of these foundations. For the MAC Studio Fix Fluid, you get 30ml of product which is the standard amount to get in a bottle of foundation. The Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation you get 22ml of product. I know it is only 8ml under the normal but it does make a difference when you use it all the time, plus this is pricey, so I would like a standard amount.

Now onto how to the product is dispensed. The Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation has a pull off top, then a screw lid. When you pull out the screw lid there is a plastic wand attached for you to dab this on your face. Not very hygienic because it spreads germs and can contaminate the bottle if you don’t put it onto a palette. The MAC Studio Fix Fluid has a screw lid for you then to pour some product out onto the back of your hand or a palette. You can purchase an optional pump if you want, which I highly recommend because it stops you from wasting product.

Let’s move onto the consistency of these products. The MAC Studio Fix Fluid is a thick foundation but it is pretty creamy which makes it nice and easy to blend when you put it onto the skin. The Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation is a thick foundation, again really easy to blend. But you do have to work quite quick with this foundation because it does start to dry on the face.

Onto the most important point, the coverage. The Marc Jacobs is a full coverage foundation. When I say full coverage, I really mean it. This stuff will cover anything. The smallest amount is needed and everything will be covered. I personally suffer from hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and a normal amount of this and it will all be hidden. The fact that this is so pigmented is meant to account for the lower amount of product, as a lower amount of product is needed. The MAC is also a full coverage. Not as full coverage as the Remarcable Foundation but still full coverage. If I apply this all over the face evenly I will have to go back in over my problem areas with more product to cover everything completely.

The packaging of the MAC Studio Fix Fluid is a plain glass bottle. It is quite small with a black rubber screw on lid, but there is nothing special to it. Also, with it been glass it obviously isn’t great for travelling with and be careful not to drop it! The Marc Jacobs Foundation is in a nice frosted glass bottle with a black plastic lid. It is very simple packaging but it looks really nice and chic.

Finally, for the price of both of these scales. The Marc Jacobs was £37 when I bought it from Harrods. MAC Studio Fix was £22 when I bought it directly from MAC the last time I bought some.

Overall, even though the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation is nearly double the price of the MAC I do have to admit that I do prefer it. For me it just makes me feel so much nicer. When I use the Marc Jacobs I don’t have to worry about anything going wrong with my makeup throughout the day. If you haven’t tried the Marc Jacobs before I highly recommend it. I will leave links to both of the products below for you to take a look at.

Products mentioned:
Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation
MAC Studio Fix Fluid


  1. I'm not sure if I would like either foundations for my skin personally as I'm not really into full coverage. I do love the Marc Jacobs packaging through despite the unhygienic dispenser x

    Beauty with charm | ESTEE LAUDER GIVEAWAY

    1. The Marc Jacobs one can be sheered out when you really buff it but it can be a bit of an arm workout!

      Danielle x

  2. Great review!

  3. I am a big fan of Studio Fix but this just makes me even more intrigued about the Marc Jacobs to see if it's even better!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. If you like the Studio Fix I really think you will like it. To me it is more blendable and buildable!

      Danielle xx


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