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How I Stay Organised

When I first started out doing my blog alongside having a full-time job I have to admit I did struggle sometimes. It was a lot of work to keep everything in line and I didn’t really have a plan. It wasn’t long before I realised that I did love doing my blog and I wanted to pursue it more seriously, but I knew I had to make a plan to follow.

To start with I would just write a post as and when I felt like it and then I would upload it when I could be bothered to take photos. This meant that posts were getting written and not uploaded and I didn’t set time a side to finish the job off.

Then I had one mad OCD weekend. If you have read my posts before you may already know that I have organisational OCD. This means basically that when things like that happen and I get anxious and it just upsets me to the point that I can just sit and cry. I know that sounds really silly because it isn’t life or death but it gets to me and unless you know about it or suffer from it, I don’t think people can understand.

So, I wanted to let you guys know how I got organised with my blog and hopefully it might help you guys out a little if you two are juggling a lot of different things.

1)         Decide on your upload schedule

When I initially started out my blog I thought I would be a purely beauty blog. I soon thought that I didn’t want everything to get too similar so I broke it up with some fashion and lifestyle posts. People really responded to them posts and commented a lot so I wanted to incorporate them into my blog permanently.

So, I then decided that I would alternate my posts, I now do a beauty post followed by fashion and then lifestyle. Then I just circle back to the beginning. It just means that there is always something recent for everybody. I also have these categories at the top of my blog in case people are only interested in one genre.

2)            Organise yourself with a calendar

For me I had so many post ideas flying around in my head by I had no idea when I would post them. So, I utilised my Google Calendar. I have also used the iCloud calendar and that is just as good also.

I created a spreadsheet with three separate headers for beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Then under each header I wrote down all the relative posts. On my Google Calendars, I then created 3 separate calendars within it for each category and I named them accordingly. Then I inputted the posts into the calendar under the various categories.

Then by looking at the calendar at a glance I can see what post is due when and it is colour coded so it is really visual. This just really helps me to stay organised and helps me from uploading content that is too similar over and over again.

3)            Create a post checklist

When my calendar was in place I then created a Google doc for my posts. In this doc I create a table with three columns. The first column has the name of the post that I am going to create. The second column has the date that I want the post to go live. Finally, in the third column I write notes relating to the posts.

Then I work my way from the top to the bottom to make sure that the most recent has been set up. After I have initially written a post I will write in the comment box “Written”, then after I have taken images I will write “Images Done”. When the images have been edited that means everything is ready to be uploaded so I will change the notes to “Upload”.

This just helps me to keep check on what stage I’m at on my blog posts right up to the stage when I upload them.

4)            Schedule your posts

I like to post at 1pm. I know it isn’t an optimised time but I like to have them up early so I know that they are up and ready. Also, I get visitors on my blog from all over the world so then time that posts go up is pretty irrelevant.

Because I work full time it is impossible for me to log in and physically upload the post. So, I schedule them to post at a later date. By using this feature, it eliminates the need to go log on and do anything.
The thing I like to do is have all of my posts queued for the following month. This may seem extreme but I am so busy and sometimes I need a break. So, by having the posts queued and ready to go and not have to worry about anything is a big weight off!

5)            Make notes

I cannot stress to you how important this step is!

There are so many times that I will be laid in bed at night and an idea pops into my head. I assure myself that I will remember it in the morning because it is such a good idea. But we all know that I will forget it almost instantly. So now I jot everything down.

I only use the notes on my phone. They are so handy and I am never without my phone so I know that I won’t forget to make a note of something. I know some people like to use pen and paper but for me it just isn’t convenient enough. And making notes either through Apple Notes or Google Keep they will all sync so you don’t have to worry about anything!

6)            Keep a clear inbox

At the end of every day I like to make sure that my inbox is empty. I just like to go to bed at night and not have to think about anything that I have outstanding. It also gives me a clean slate for the next day to start from scratch.

With my OCD if I have emails flagged up in my inbox they play on my mind until I nearly go crazy. I probably receive around 500 or more emails a day so it is a mammoth task getting through them all and replying or filing but I think it is a well worth while task.

On my notes, I also create to-do lists so I remember to do things. For example, I am awful at replying to comments so often I write myself a little note to remind myself to go back onto my blog and reply. It is just a simple step but it does help me to stay organised.

7)            Create a photo stock library

When all of my posts have been written I then need to move onto taking images. This takes forever to do but once I am into the swing of things I absolutely love doing it. But for a lot of my lifestyle posts I don’t necessarily have a specific image such as of a product that I want to show so I then use a flat lay image.

I like flat lay images with white background, it is just the theme throughout my blog. Over the past few months I have dedicated days to photography and creating a huge library of photos that I can use with different posts. This way when I want to upload a post I don’t have to stop and think that I need to take an image because I already have loads stockpiled.

This obviously only works for posts that aren’t item specific like my beauty posts normally are.

That is, it for my tips for helping to stay organised. I would love to hear from you on how you stay organised because I am always open to trying new things!


  1. Great tips! It can be hard to stay on top of things at times but I try not to stress too much if I can't stick to my schedule because I'm ill and tat gets in the way sometimes! I do try to stay organised and try to plan ahead! xx


    1. I try not to stress but I am a worrier by nature so I find it so hard!

      Danielle xx


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