Friday, 25 November 2016

My Classic Wardrobe Essentials

As I have often said on my blog I believe in creating a wardrobe which is centred on staples. These staples are things that will always be in fashion and will always come back around. They will also be completely interchangeable so you can make loads of outfits from this key pieces and you will always look chic and elegant.

Being fashionable isn’t about owning absolutely everything and having a wardrobe which is bursting at the seams, it is about what you do own and how it can be worn. Obviously the more items you have in your wardrobe the more outfits you can make but it gets to a point where you are limited because you physically don’t know what you own anymore!

The next items I think should be a part of every wardrobe because they are so effortless but can blow people away with how gorgeous they are. This is just my own opinion and remember this is being wrote from a cold town in England!

1.          Leather Jacket
- Everybody needs a leather jacket and this isn’t just a personal statement I think in fact it is actually fact and if it isn’t, then it should be. I find that no matter who it is but anybody who wears a leather jacket is sexy. There is just something about them, think about Elvis the pelvis in his, super sexy! They just bring a little bit of edge to an outfit and they make something that is generic and a little boring to be sexy. It is hard to get me to take mine off!

2.          Black Jeans
- Something else that is hard to tear away from me is my black skinny jeans. I have gone through so many pairs of black Topshop Joni jeans it is untrue. And I haven’t gone through so many of them due to quality, just due to the fact that I never take them off. Black jeans go with absolutely everything no matter what it is, a must have!

3.          Black ankle boots
- I have ankle boots in excess. When living in a cold and vast majority of the time a wet country you need your feet to be nice and dry. Ankle boots are a great way to have covered and warm feet but also finish you look. You can also get them with and without heels on them so if you need that extra bit of height it’s the perfect solution.

4.          Trench coat
- Now this coat will always be a classic. It will simply never go out of style. If you look back through the decade’s people have always worn mac and trench coats. Whether it is for a high fashion look that you want to complete or you want to wear it simply for warmth then look no further than this coat. Also because of the tie around the waist they accentuate your waistline. They are an eye turner and compliments just flow in when I wear mine!

5.          Thigh high boots
- This choice really is personal opinion and again coming from a cold and damp place. Not only do thigh high boots look sexy they are helpful here because an extra layer to keep me nice and warm.

6.          White T
-  I am going to honest here and say that no wardrobe is complete without a basic white T. for me this has to be white because I tend to wear so much black and I need some white to break up all the colour. I have these basic Tees in all different brands and styles, whether it be long or short sleeve, or fitted and flowing but no matter what I love them and they tend to be a staple of my outfits.

7.          Denim jacket
- I think that no matter how old I have been throughout my life I have always had a denim jacket. There are pictures of me when I was a toddler wearing a denim jacket with a pink cord collar and Barbie wrote along the back. Denim jackets will always be completely timeless, the perfect jacket for an English summer's day!

8.          Crew Neck Jumpers
- Here in chilly Britannia you have to think about warmth. I know fashion hurts and all that but I never like to be so cold that I go numb. Simple crew neck jumpers are perfect for any outfit. ASOS have a great selection of crew neck jumpers in all colours. They are tight fit and can be worn with jeans or skirts, a great choice.

9.          Black heel pumps
- I am going to say that a pair of classic black pumps is a necessity. I wear black heeled pumps nearly every single day. They look great in dresses, skirts and they really pull together an outfit with jeans. I have high end brands and low end brands and I have to say that my Manolo Blahniks are my favourites, they are comfortable and look stunning. But my ASOS pair are really nice too.

10.        Boyfriend fit jeans
- I love to wear boyfriend jeans; they are a close second to any type of skinny jeans. I only wear them when they are tapered at the ankle, baggy boyfriend jeans will just make you look like the real Slim Shady and I’m sure that is nobodies desired look. These jeans paired with a simple white rib vest top are perfect for any effortless summer's day.

11.        Black Blazer
- We all have occasions where we have to smarten up a little, whether it is a job interview, a funeral or just a night out. A black blazer immediately makes any outfit look polished and professional. My favourite place to get blazers from over the years has been Zara, they are fitted but still comfortable and moveable. I do have my eye on a Balmain one, but I will keep counting the pennies for that!

12.        Diamond studs
- I have never been a big earring person. As a child I was always terrified that if I wore anything more than studs that they would be ripped out. I am well and truly a stud kind of girl. I wear all day everyday a pair of diamond studs. Whether they are real diamond or cubic zirconia nobody will be able to tell. I have a pair of Tiffany and a hair from H&M and nobody can outwardly tell which ones are which. Diamonds next to the face reflect the light and make everything look so much more bright!

13.        Knockout sunglasses
- Sunglasses immediately take anybody from being a 3 to a 10. Due to hiding most of the face but they really do work wonders. My favourite are my Saint Laurent pair. I got these last summer and I have been obsessed with them ever since. I was guttered when winter came around and it wasn’t socially acceptable to wear them on a daily basis. The only times I did wear them in the winter was when I was going on the breakfast sandwich run on a hungover morning and I didn’t want to show the world my tired eyes.

14.        Little black dress
- This little black dress is the same principal as the black blazer, it shall be needed sat some point. For me in the summer in little black dresses. They look chic but summer appropriate without looking overdone and tacky. I have them of all styles and lengths and they are perfect. For professional and work use my favourite is a little number from Victoria Beckham and for everyday lounging use I love my H&M vest style dress.

15.        Pencil skirt
- I absolutely live in pencil skirts. Even though I live in what seems to be the coldest country in the world I wear these years through. In the morning before work I literally walk all of 10 feet to my car and then from my car into my building so I don’t have to worry about being cold. They look polished and sophisticated but sexy at the same time because they cling to you and show off your curves. I have countless pencil skirts but you can’t go wrong with a staple black one!

16.        Striped top/jumper
- Nautical theme is something that will never go out of style. A cute stripe jumper or long sleeve t-shirt will just dress up any outfit a little but more. One of these with a pencil skirt or for more casual days a pair of boyfriend and any outfit is instantly improved.

17.        Converse
- I live in heels but for them days where I want a little more comfort these are my go to shoes. If me and my boyfriend are going out for some food unexpectedly I will throw on some jeans and these and they look comfy and effortless but comfortable!

18.        Nude heeled sandals
- Anybody who visits my blog often may by now know that I am obsessed with the colour black. It is my favourite but sometimes wearing black pumps just don’t work. Such as when I am wearing lighter colours or white I can find that black shoes look clumpy and can make the legs look shorter. Nude sandals are the perfect way to keep any outfit light and bright and they elongate the leg.

19.        Classic flats
- For them days where I physically cannot bare to wear heels to work I have to have some classic flats ready to wear. These days are usually after I have focused on legs at the gym and my calf’s cannot carry me on 120mm heels. I like to keep a black and a nude pair so that they can be paired with any outfit. I also like to keep a cheap pair in my car because when I am in stuck in traffic balancing my weight on the heel of my heels can get painful!

20.        Black tailored trousers
- These truly are the staple of my wardrobe that I wear nearly every day to work. Unfortunately, I don’t work at Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, that is the dream. I work in an industrial place which is full of men, but I do still have standards and I like to look nice for work. A pair of well-tailored tapered trousers looks great no matter what you wear around them.

21.        Perfect red lip
- Quite often I go out straight from work with the girls so I like to put on a nice red matte lip. It helps me feel like I have changed from day at work to night out with contacts. Personal favourite is Ruby Woo by MAC.

22.        Wrap coat
- I have them days where I don’t want to be in fitted clothes. Just like everybody else I have them days where I feel like I have gained 10 stone overnight and I feel so bloated I could die. My wrap coat is perfect for these days. They hide a multitude of sins and looks nice and chic in the process.

23.        Evening bag
- You need to have a go to evening bag. This for me is my nans classic Chanel black caviar flap bag. My grandad got it her on their wedding day. She cried and cried and used it every day since. Well that was until she gifted it to me and I use it as often as I can. I bought my own Chanel bag when I was 19 for my birthday. I had saved all the wages that I could in-between getting a car and I treat myself. But when I go out I don’t want to risk my new one so I like to take the one which has already had hell of a lot of use. A nice classic shoulder bag is great for any occasion!

24.        White button up shirt
- Now I have two of these which are my ultimate favourites. I have a tight fitted one which looks great for work and going out. I then also have a Chambray one which I got from Topshop which is a loose fit made from cotton that is really comfortable. Both look great for different occasions.

25.        Large tote
- For travelling this is a must have travelling. When I am going anywhere whether it be abroad or just somewhere in the UK I take absolutely everything with me. I am the most organised packer ever, I make lists and then check against it when it is packed. A large tote helps me carry everything that I need. In my bag I always need my makeup bag, sunglasses, phone, iPod, laptop or MacBook. Because usually no matter where I’m going I have to do some work and answer some emails. Louis Vuitton Neverfull is my personal favourite.

26.        Nice necklace
- I am not a massive necklace fan; I think I have mentioned it in a post before that I don’t like to draw attention to my chest because I have quite a large bust so personally for me I like to hide it. This necklace I find does draw people’s attention but in a really positive way. Because of how delicate it is it accentuates the colour bones and makes the area nice and bright.

27.        Overnight bag
- Linking to the tote bag, I need a nice big bag for a night away. This Louis Vuitton overnight bag is the perfect size. Once you buy a decent hold all bag you are good for life. If it is high quality and you look after it you will never have to replace or repair it.

28.        Thick winter scarf
- These are life savers for me because of the cold ass country that I live in. I like to tie my hair up in a big messy bun and then wrap a scarf around my neck about 3 times so it is all bulky and snuggly. If you get a colour like grey as well it will go with vast majority of colours.

29.        Parker
- This is a must have coat for everyone. We all from time to time need a thick winter coat and this parka has been a lifesaver for me. When I am scraping the ice of my car on a cold winter's morning been bundled up in a nice warm coat like this makes it a little more bearable. I got this one from Topshop. You can also detach the padded lining on the inside so it is suitable for that awkward month where it is neither cold nor hot!

30.        Posh purse
- I’m sure we have all been there… We got to grab our purse from our bag and everything falls out or the purse itself is broken. I love having a nice posh purse to pull out. It doesn’t have to be designer to be nice, just something simple and classic that holds everything properly without receipts falling out all over. My favourite at the minute is a fold over purse from Mulberry.



  1. I love those black studded shoes, they're so cute xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Agh, those studded flats are beautiful!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. They are amazing and surprisingly comfortable!

      Danielle xx


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