Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Topshop Leopard Print Fur Coat

I got this coat purely because I saw Alexa Chung in a very similar one. I know that is a silly reason to spend nearly £100 on a coat but I think that it was worth every penny. I just think that a leopard print coat is just such a classic style.

I wanted a leopard print coat for so long but I was in the same predicament as when I wanted some leopard print shoes, a lot of them looked cheap. I’m not disregarding inexpensive clothes, a lot of the basics that I have in my wardrobe like my plain t-shirts are low end. But when I was looking at leopard it was more of a yellow than the colour of the actual fur.

I saw one I think it was on ASOS but the colour looked really yellow and black, it looked more like a bee than a leopard. And when I bought this I had already got my leopard print pumps so I wanted it to be similar colouring to them.

Then I saw this on Topshop. It was around £100, but I don’t mind paying it because it is a really nice quality. The faux fur is really soft to the touch, whenever I wear this I spend most of the day sat stroking it. Another reason why I don’t mind paying that is because I have previously had a coat from Topshop, my parka which I think was around £150, and now it is 3 years later and it still in great condition, I practically live in it.

I always get so many compliments on this coat, people just seem to love it, and they do the same as me, they have to stroke it in some way!

I highly recommend a coat like this, it is a real statement piece which will just be timeless. I don’t think there has ever been a time when leopard print hasn’t been in fashion. And for me who adores to wear black it really breaks it up and makes it look better and brighter. Perfect for my rock-chick Saint Laurent feel that I want to achieve every day!

I will link below to the same products or some similar ones…



  1. Love this! I am not really into animal prints but I have been looking at leopard print coats recently... Think it is time I purchased one haha!


    1. I love it and it is just a timeless looking coat! xx

  2. Such a cute coat! I love leopard print anything xx


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