Saturday, 26 November 2016

My Vanity Area

I finally thought I would do a much requested blog post… My Vanity Area. It may be obvious from my blog posts but I am obsessed with cosmetics and I have so much makeup it is madness. Lots of them I have boxed up but I keep my favourites in my vanity area.

So I got this white desk from Ikea, to say it was only relatively cheap it has been a good desk, it is very sturdy and I love tall the shelves around it. It is just a desk, but I think it doubles as a vanity really well. The area where a screen should go I have my large folding mirror.

Then behind the left corner of the mirror I keep all my makeup brushes in pots. They look a little ugly when they’re not cleaned so I like to hide them away.

Then to the left I have a fold down cupboard and in here I just keep some of my larger costume jewellery necklaces that are too large to keep in my jewellery box. I also put my hair clips, brushes and combs because it is big enough for everything.

On the shelf above I keep my gel polishes. I do my own gel nails as you may be aware. I got this little storage thing from Amazon, it was only a few pounds. It took a while to come through but I wasn’t in any rush for it.

On this top shelf on the left hand side I have some Jo Malone boxes just because they are really pretty and I couldn’t bring myself to bin them!

Over on the right hand side at the bottom I have my jewellery box. I just keep in here all of my jewellery that I like to wear on a daily basis. I don’t own lots of jewellery because it doesn’t really interest me. But that I do own is in here.

On the shelf above I have my lipstick holder with all my favourites in and in small pot behind I have all of my lip liners that I go to grab on a daily basis.

Top shelf I have my everyday perfumes. I love perfume and I cannot leave the house without some on. These are the ones that I always reach for. And, yes, that is a male aftershave and I do use it on myself. It smells divine!

Then my makeup is in this storage unit below. It is on wheels so you can drag it around if you want to but I keep it right there. Again this was from Ikea, I think I got this in the kitchen section and it is designed for holding potatoes and vegetables but it is perfect for what I need.

The top draw I have all of my face products. I have liquid foundations all around the right hand side of the draw with my favourites at the front. Then right at the front on the left I have my pressed powders and crème foundations.

Behind the pressed powders I have two black boxes. The first box contains all of my concealers and highlighters. I love having them in here because it is easy to grab and they are all kept together.

In the box behind I have all of my contouring products, ranging from my LA Girl to my Chanel. I just love that everything is segregated because nothing annoys me more than when everything is mixed together.

In the middle draw I have my MAC pallets on the left hand side. I have one for highlighting and contouring, another for blush and then a double for my eyeshadows. Further back into the draw I have some loose blushes and a pot which I keep my fake tanning glove and applicator in.

To the left of the pallets I keep my face setting powders. I prefer loose powders over pressed which is why I have more of these. Then to the left of them I have another large tub. This tub contains all of my eye products ranging from false lashes, mascaras and liners. It’s just so convenient for all of my daily products to be in one place.

The bottom draw just has everything else in. It has my Urban Decay pallets, my roll of combs and brushes that I got for my freelancing work. There is also an overspill of makeup which I have demoted from being in the top two drawers!

That is, it for my vanity area, make sure you keep looking back for a tour of my new walk in closet/dressing room!

Please leave any comments below or drop me an email and I will get back to you straight away!


  1. Love your set up! Everything has its place but it's all to hand too! xx

    Beautylymin| Urban Decay Bundle Giveaway

    1. That's exactly what I like about it too!

      Danielle xx


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