Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My Favourite YouTubers

Quite often I get asked the same question… who is my favourite Beauty YouTuber. So finally I thought I would answer your question.

Over the years my favourite YouTubers have constantly changed. As I get older, so do they and the things I am interested in change. The people on this list I go out of my way to watch their videos. I am not saying that people not on this list I dislike, because I don’t at all, these people are just my top ones.

Without any further rambling, let’s get into it… Oh and by the way these are in no particular order!

1)         Casey Holmes

I love Casey because she is a country girl through and through. Living here in the UK I aspire to live in a house in the country and have a truck and listen to country music in a country where it is acceptable to do so. Her dogs are precious as well and her makeup style matches mine exactly!

2)         Alexandrea Garza

I started watching these videos a couple of years ago now when she was planning her wedding. I found all the planning so interesting and she shared her bridal show makeup tutorial. Then after her wedding she shared every detail with us including her wedding makeup look which I now think I have watched around 10 times!

3)         Jaclyn Hill

I have been subscribed to Jaclyn Hill since she only had about 20,000 subs, and now she has millions. She is incredible at makeup and has years of actual experience, not just sat in front of her camera. She has talked about her struggles growing up and marrying young. She is just such a real person and she seems to get such a hard rap from everybody else it is really disgusting. She has accomplished so much and she should be able to brag about her own achievements. You Go Jaclyn!

4)         Carli Bybel

Again this is somebody that I have followed for years and I have seen her grow and become really successful and I can’t help but watch her now just because I have watched her for years. The looks she does are stunning and she has so many tips and tricks to help beginners doing their makeup.

5)         Nicole Guerrieor

I think I was little late subscribing to Nicole, but once I discovered her I love her now. She doesn’t post very regularly compared to other people who seem to work to a schedule but her videos are always funny and really sassy. Her makeup is a little more than what I am used to wearing like the elaborate eye looks but I find it fascinating to watch her.

6)         Lauren Curtis

Lauren was the first beauty guru on YouTube that I subscribed to. I can remember seeing her sat in her bedroom with her long flowing blonde hair and I couldn’t help but watch her. She was so helpful for me who was in my mid-teens at the time. She used to do prom inspired looks and they were all stunning. Recently she has moved into doing more vlogs and following her around and it is nice to see her grow into a young woman much like myself!

7)         Chloe Morello

This woman cracks me up. I have been subscribed to her for years now and her videos just seem to be getting even funnier. She is straight talking in her videos and on Snapchat.

8)         Karissa Pukas

Karissa just seems like she could be my best friend and that is the main reason why I love her. I can remember watching a video of her back in the day and she had long bubble gum pink hair and she was doing her makeup in a really glamorous way. But then there was a Darth Vader figure in the background and that is just me through and through. Glam but I have another side that loves Star Wars and Star Trek, its people like Karissa that help me express all of my personality and not keep any of it hidden.

9)        Sazan Hendrix

Sazan for me is my latest subscription. I have watched her wedding tutorial literally a countless amount of times. I watched it and then went out and bought every single product that was used just because she looked that stunning. I am obsessed with her makeup looks and her hair is incredible. You need to check her out and watch the videos with her husband, I got a stomach ache from laughing that much at him.

10)       Holly Boon

I could watch Holly's videos for hours on end because she cracks me up. She is amazing at makeup and she just makes it look so easy and effortless, I am a makeup artist and probably couldn't achieve what she can do. Not to mention that I just love her whole demeanour, she is so relaxed and seems like she takes no shit, and that is the kind of woman that I like to watch!

That is, it for my favourite YouTubers, I would love to hear who yours are and who you think I should check out, so leave me a comment below or drop me an email!


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    1. I do too, then I spend ages watching all of their old videos!

      Danielle x


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