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Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation vs Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation

I wanted to do a comparison post on the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation and the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation because I am so in love with both of these products. I went out and bought both of these products because Casey Holmes mentioned them in a YouTube video. We have such similar skin types so I know if something works for her, the chances are they will for me too. Also, she is just the bomb, you should definitely check out her videos!

Anyway, I have been using these two foundations for months now so I wanted to do an in-depth review on both of them. So, let’s get started…

First let’s start with the amount of product that you get. In the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation you get 30ml of product. This is a pretty standard amount for a liquid foundation. The Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation you get 22ml. Which is quite a bit below the standard 30ml marker. And, when I am paying this expensive for a foundation, I want the normal amount of product.

Then let’s talk about how the product is dispensed. Neither of these products has a pump, which I know can put a lot of people off. The Marc Jacobs Remarcable has a screw lid, which when you pull it out has a plastic wand attached to it. The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation is similar in that sense but also has a fabric doe-foot applicator. Both aren’t very hygienic because if you put the wand to your face and back into the bottle it can spread germs. Also, personally, I don’t like the feel of a doe-foot applicator on my face.

Now, onto the consistency of these foundations. The Clinique Beyond Perfecting is quite thick but when it is applied and blended to your face it feels quite light. It doesn’t even really feel like you are wearing makeup. However, the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation does feel thick. This when you apply it to the face can feel quite heavy and cakey. Just make sur you apply a small amount and blend it out really well.

For me this is the most important factor, the coverage. Both of these foundations offer incredible coverage. The Clinique covers everything. I put a few dabs all over the face and blend and there is a good coverage. Then in areas such as my cheeks where I need more coverage I just add a small amount more to the problem areas and then everything looks flawless. The Marc Jacobs on the other hand is so so so full coverage. I apply one small dab to each cheek, chin, nose and forehead and that is more than enough to cover everything. I never need to go in with extra because it covers 100% all of the time. This is apparently why there is a lower amount in the bottle because the pigmentation is so high, that only a small amount is needed.

Then onto the packaging. The Clinique is a glass bottle with a silver screw on lid. The packaging is nothing special and not very good for travelling with because it could smash. Also there is a lot of text on the bottle so it can make it look messy. The Marc Jacobs is a nice frosted glass bottle with a black top, which you pull off to reveal the screw lid. This is really nice packaging; it just makes it feel so much more luxurious than the Clinique.

Finally, onto the price of these foundations. The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation was £25 when I bought this from House of Fraser. The Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation was £37 when I bought it from Harrods. Obviously, there is a massive difference in price, but I think with both of these foundations that you really do get what you pay for.

Overall, even though the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation is more expensive, the coverage and consistency is amazing and feels so incredible on the skin, if you like high coverage this is perfect for you. However, I cannot always justify wearing this much coverage, I don’t always need it, and the cost of wearing the Marc Jacobs Remarcable will add up if I wear it every day.

For every day, I like to wear the Clinique, whether it is just running around doing chores or for work this is perfect. If I have had a shitty night sleep or I am going out, I will always reach for the Marc Jacobs. In my opinion, both of these foundations are worth the money and I will continue to buy both of them!


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