Sunday, 27 November 2016

Marc Jacobs 'Remarcable' Foundation Review

I am still in awe of this Marc Jacobs foundation. I bought it because I saw Casey Holmes using it on YouTube. I have to say that I absolutely love her videos and I recommend that everybody subscribe to her channel. She is just the cutest and her videos really are helpful. She does tutorials aimed towards oily skin which is great for me, because my skin is normal to oily I do find it really helpful.

When she said that she was using this foundation and that she really liked it I wanted to buy it straight away. Which is easier said than done because to get this stuff in the UK is like trying to find Pixi dust. That was until Harrods started selling it. I just happened to be browsing their site, as you do, looking at things that I will never be able to afford and I saw this, so I got it straight away.

I was going to buy this as part of my Sephora haul but it just seems to constantly be out of stock on that site, so I got fed up of waiting for it and just paid more to get it from Harrods. So I got this and I have to say that I really love it. I can definitely see this been a firm favourite in my collection.

First things first is the appearance of the foundation, the frosted glass bottle just books so luxury, and so it should for £37. But the packaging is lovely and as other reviews have suggested, I am a massive sucker for nice packaging.

One thing that I didn’t really like however was the applicator, it doesn’t have pump, it just had a stick which is attached to the lid that unscrews and from there you dab that on your face. Firstly, it isn’t very hygienic, if you have troublesome skin and suffer with breakouts dabbing this all over the face could spread the germs, causing more breakouts. So for this I do suggest putting it on a pallet or the back of your hand first.

When I first put this on the face and started to blend it out I do think it had a quite oily texture to it, which surprised me with it being suitable for oily skin. But once it was buffed in it set matte on the skin and looked flawless. The coverage that it gives is really intense but not in a bad way. I put one small dot on each cheek and that covered the bottom of my face, which is amazing. A little of this stuff goes a really long way.

I can’t really think of a product that comes close to this foundation. Texture wise it is like nothing I have ever used before, if I had to choose something it would be like it would be like Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation, just because of the coverage and texture.

I wore this all day, I applied it at 7am before work and I went out for drink straight from work and didn’t get in until 10pm and it still looked absolutely perfect. I had to laugh at myself throughout the day because when I went to the bathroom at work I would get really close up to the mirror to see what it looked like.

I applied it just like normal with highlighting and contouring using the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancers, I set everything with the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder then go about my business and it was so long lasting. I bet if I didn’t remove my makeup for bed it would still have being in place in the morning. Not something I fancy trying through!

I have applied this in multiple ways and using multiple brushes and it has been like a dream every single time. I have used my Morphe M439, Chanel Foundation Brush, Beauty Blender, and Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and no matter which way I think it is perfect.

Overall views of this product:
-           Full coverage
-           Lightweight
-           Long lasting

-           Expensive but well worth the money!

I cannot recommend this highly enough. I can’t imagine a skin type that it wouldn’t work for, it is suitable for dry and oily and the colour range is huge. I already know that I am going to get some of these for use in my kit to see how other people find it when I use it on them because I can see it being a winner!


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