Wednesday, 2 November 2016

MAC Bronzer vs Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

This post is all about two bronzes. As you may or may not know I am obsessed with bronzer and looking tanned, so I am a hoarder of sorts when it comes to bronzers. I love bronzers because they make you face look sun kissed and alive rather than just 2-dimensional and flat when you put your foundation on and set it with powder.

First up I want to mention the amount of product that you get in both the MAC bronzer and the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion. With the MAC bronzer you get 10g, which for a bronzing powder is a pretty standard amount. With the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion bronzer you get 11g. You do get more with the MUFE bronzer but at the end of the day is 1g more really that noticeable!

Now onto the packaging. I have to say that the MAC packaging is pretty boring. It is just the standard black packaging and there really isn’t anything that special about it. However, from the pictures you can see just how stunning the makeup forever bronzer is. It is really pretty and looks stunning sat on my makeup station and it has a lovely big mirror when you open it.

I have tried both of these bronzers with my Tom Ford bronzer brush so I can accurately see which one goes on better. With the MAC bronzer it does apply nicely to the face but it doesn’t seem to have much of a colour pay off. Without putting load on your brush it just doesn’t really show up on your face. With the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion it goes on really nice and a little goes a really long way. It has a great colour pay off. I have been using this for ages now and barely made a dent in it!

Now for the colour of these two products. The MAC Bronzer is more orange in tone and the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion is more gold. The red tones in the MAC bronzer means that it can look orange when it is applied to the skin so that is something to be careful with. The Makeup Forever bronzer just gives you a really natural sun kissed look.

Now, onto the price of both of these items. I paid £22 for the MAC bronzer and £28 for the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion. Both are pretty good prices for higher end bronzers.

Finally, I want to touch on which one of these bronzers I would purchase again. For me it would be the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion. This bronzer to me just has a better colour pay off and even though you pay more for this bronzer I think you would get a higher value for money with this bronzer!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below in the comments box or just drop me an email below. I will also link below to both of the bronzers mentioned in this post…



  1. The makeup forever bronzer looks so beautiful! Plus I like that fact you get good colour pay off with it! x


    1. It is really nice, well worth the money in my opinion! xx


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