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Kim Kardashian West Makeup Look

You don’t have to like Kim Kardashian West personally or agree with what she does to appreciate her beauty. She is a truly stunning woman who has turned herself into a multi-millionaire business women and good for her!

Kim Kardashian has always been well known for her makeup and her contouring. She has a full glam squad that can get her ready for any kind of appearance at the drop of a hat. How nice would that be to just sit in a chair and have other people do all of the hard work.

I have been looking into all of the products that her makeup artist Mario uses on her and the products that she personally likes to use. And I will write down a step by step guide to creating the look above.

First up you need to make sure that the face is a blank canvas for the makeup to start. Just take a makeup wipe to get all the grime and any remnants of makeup off your face.

Up next apply a generous amount of moisturiser. I personally love the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. This stuff is really thick and hydrating and looks incredible underneath a layer of foundation.

Then once the moisturiser has soaked into a little bit. I like to go in with primer. When doing a look like Kim Kardashian you skin has to look perfect. This primer fills the pores and makes the skin look really soft and smooth.

For foundation Kim Kardashian is known to love the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. For a brief spell they discontinued this and Kim took to Twitter to complain about it and low and behold it came straight back into stock. Thank God because I love this stuff. I like to apply this using a paddle foundation brush and then I push this into the skin using a damp Beauty Blender.

Another Kim and Mario top tip is if Kim is requiring a little bit move coverage in certain areas they will use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and then just press that into the skin using the same damp Beauty Blender. This will just up the coverage on the face without adding a whole new layer and making the face look overly cakey.

Another tip that they like is to blend everything up the neck. Normally I drag the foundation down my neck a little to make sure I don’t get any lines. But Kim is worried about wrinkles so she is very particular that products should be blended up the neck. I guess it is a very good idea, who wants a wrinkly neck at the end of the day?!

Then for the famous cream highlighting and concealing that Kim K isn’t known for. For highlighting I personally like to use the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. And I know this is a personal favourite thing of Kim’s. I paint this on underneath the eyes, down the bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead and a small amount on the chin. I will then press this in and blend everything together using the same Beauty Blender as before.

To contour the face, I am going to use another Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, the one that I like to use is in the shade Chestnut. But obviously just use a shade that is appropriate for your skin type. I put this around the parameters of my forehead, in the hallows of my cheekbones, under my jaw and ever so lightly down the sides of my nose. Again, taking the same Beauty Blender just press that lightly into the skin. Make sure not to drag the product because that will move the foundation below.

Then I like to set the whole face to look all of the liquid and cream products into place. I only do this really lightly so I take a huge fluffy powder brush and brush my La Mer powder all over my face. Then once my whole face is set really lightly I bake certain areas of the face. I take my still damp Beauty Blender and go back into the La Mer powder. I then place this on thick underneath the eyes and on my chin. This will just make the whole area look really smooth and airbrushed.

Then while the area is baking underneath my eyes I am going to move onto my eyes. I like to leave my baking for at least 15 minutes. First I am going to use my Anastasia Brow Wiz. I like to take two shades, one in dark brown for the majority of my eyebrow and one in a lighter shade for the inner section to create a slight ombre effect. Kim’s eyebrows are arched but quite horizontal at the same time. I would suggest just going with your natural eyebrow shape.

Then for the eyelid I am going to take the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise cream shadow in the shade Bette. Not only is this a stunning shade but it will also give the eyeshadow a texture to stick to. I am then going to go in with my first MAC shadow. I am going to take the MAC All That Glitters. I am going to get my shadow brush and spray it with MAC Fix +, this will make the shadow seem so much more pigmented. I am then going to put that colour all over the eyelid.

Then in the crease of the eye I am going to take the MAC Eyeshadow in the shade Cork. This is a great transition colour for my skin tone, but I would recommend just going with anything that suits you. Transition shades just really help to blend everything out and make everything look really seamless and add depth to the socket of the eye.

The on the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone I am going to take MAC vanilla to brighten these areas and really highlight them.

Then on an angled brush I am going to go in with MAC Backtracks. I only do a very slight winged because I don’t want it to go over the top. Next I like to take my eyelash curlers and make sure they are all nice and lifted. Then once the lashes are curled I am going to go in with the YSL Shocking Mascara. I love this mascara because it makes the lashes really voluminous and black.

Then another thing that Kim and Mario like to do is add some individual lashes. Normally Mario likes to use a full set of individual lashes. My personal favourites are the Ardell ones.

Once all the eyes are done I will take my big fluffy powder brush again and wipe away all of the translucent powder that was sat underneath the eyes. You will be left with something that looks really soft and highlighted.

Now for the secondary contouring. Benefit is the brand of choice for this and the ever popular Hoola Bronzer. I will just go in with this on all the areas where I previously contoured with the Bobbi Brown foundation stick. This adds depth without making the face look too ashy.

Then taking a precision brush like the Charlotte Tilbury Face and Sculpt brush go in with the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow and take the bronze shade and go in the hollows of the cheekbones to really add definition and chisel out the cheekbones.

Finally, Kim likes a slight flush to the cheeks, a good shade for this is the Too Faced Love Flush blusher in the shade Love Blush. This is a really like neutral pink that adds a slight flush to the face without being overpowering. On the tops of the cheekbones Mario likes to use my personal favourite highlighter, the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter. This is a cream so it sticks to the face really well. Then over the top of the Watts Up Highlighter I go in with the highlighter powder from the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette, it just helps to lock everything into place.

Finally, onto the lips. I am liberal with a lip conditioner because I have very dry and chapped lips. Then once they are nice and soft I will go in with the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. This is such a universal shade and looks good on so many skin tones. Then Charlotte Tilbury made this really easy by creating a shade tailor made for Kim herself. So, when I want to recreate a look like this I just go in with that exact Hot Lips shade!

To finish everything off I like to go in with the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist. This is so pricey but works so well. I have oily skin but I do like the dewy look and this helps me to balance my oil and but have a glow to my skin!


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