Monday, 24 October 2016

Topshop Khaki Bodycon Skirt

This skirt was completely an unnecessary purchase. I didn’t need it for anything and I didn’t have anything planned in mind that I wanted it for I just saw it online and I wanted to buy it.

I just wanted something that was a little different for my style and that would look great all year round. I don’t like buying certain colours or styles because they won’t always be in style. If you buy a florescent skirt you know that sooner or later it is going to go out of style with the rest of the neon hype. I like to buy staples for my closet that will be timeless.

This skirt I found throughout the summer would be my go to skirt. It was so lovely just to throw on. It would instantly make me feel more dressed up than I actually was. I would put this skirt on with a white rib vest top tucked into it and I would be on my way. On my feet I would either wear my converse or some flat black sandals depending on where I was going but anything looked great with it.

My favourite thing about this skirt is the gold chain detailing. I had seen a lot khaki style bodycon skirts but they just all looked really basic and nothing really set them apart. But this skirt with the detailing just made it seem more expensive than it was. It even has a slight Balmain feel to it with the gold chain. It can even be removed for washing which is really handy!

I will try to link to the same but it could be difficult because this was just a small brand advertised on the Topshop website but I will link to some similar alternatives…


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