Sunday, 30 October 2016

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation Review

I ordered this purely because I was going a Sephora and I wanted the total of my bill to be a nice and even number. I know that is a stupid reason to spend nearly £30 on a foundation, but I would rather pay £200 and it be a nice number than £170. I know it is weird but I can’t be the only person that does this.

Before I go this I thought it would be similar to the Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation which is like a liquid to mousse consistency. And I only thought that just because of the name of it being Amazonian Clay.

But I go this and from the moment I opened it I really did love it. The packaging is really cute, especially with the bamboo screw on lid, it is just something different which sets it apart from you standard glass bottle. I did realise when I ordered it that it is a little light for my skin tone, I looked at swatches online and I am usually quite good at it, but I was a little off this time, but it is still wearable.

When I squeezed some out onto a pallet it really is a mousey consistency which feels really nice when it is on the skin. It is full coverage but because of the lightweight feeling of the mouse it doesn’t feel like you are even wearing anything.  I really like the consistency of this foundation but I know for some people it just feels odd on the skin.

I have worn this a couple times now and I have liked it no matter which way I have applied it. I have used the Moprhe M439, Chanel Foundation Brush and Beauty Blender and each way it looks really nice. It stays put on the face all day as well. I think that this product is marketed as a 12 hour foundation and I do have to agree with that. But do note that I do set mine with Laura Mercier Setting Powder, so if you don’t like to set your foundation I don’t know if it would last as long.

One day when I wore this I did wear a white collared shirt and I did notice that it transferred quite a bit, which on a normal day is fine but on white top days is a disaster. All the men I work with who have absolutely no tact what so ever come up to me and are like ‘Love , you have stuff on your collar’, and I just look at them with my best resting bitch face.

I do like this foundation but I don’t think I will be repurchasing it just because I had to order it from Sephora so it made it more expensive with taxes and duties and shipping really upped the price.



  1. Woaaaah it does look full coverage. Too bad that it does seem to transfer to clothing :(

    Shimmer and Matte

  2. It's pretty scary when makeup ends up on your clothing. I had the exact thing happen to me with lipstick

    1. I get so panicked especially when I'm wearing white!

      Danielle xx

  3. This looks and sounds amazing! Love full coverage foundations!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  4. Wow it looks so flawless! I really need to try this :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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