Friday, 7 October 2016

OMG I've Got A Day Off!

You may know this about me or you may not, but I literally never take a day off work. I go on holiday twice a year with my boyfriend and that is the only time off that I have throughout the year.I have never had a sick day in the 5 years that I have been working, if I am ill I will just go into work in my pyjamas with no makeup on, they are pretty used to seeing me like this, I literally have no shame.

But, now my boyfriend has abandoned me and gone on a stag weekend with the boys so I thought, why should I be at work when he is boozing with the lads?! So I booked it off with the prospect of lying in bed all day and watching film after film.

I must say that my lazy day of doing nothing quickly changed. I woke up around this morning because my body clock is programmed to wake up at this time. I just laid there for a while super comfy under all of my duvets. I then got up and went and got a hot chocolate and then opened my blind so I could see the rain coming down on my window and I watched some TV.

I then got my laptop and created a list of things that I wanted to do that day. I thought I may as well utilise my time as well as I can and spend the day working on my blog. I wanted to get quite a lot of posts queued and ready to go on my blog.

For most of my content just been reviews and fashion posts it means that I don’t have to write most of them the day they are going live. So, I write them, take images and then queue them for a later day just to help me stay organised. And for the rest of this month I am going to Berlin on holiday and I have weddings and hen parties to get ready for and November is going to be even busier so I need to get organised.

So, after I lounged around for an hour or so this morning I made the executive decision to go and buy a new handbag. I put some comfortable but acceptable clothes on and went to Mulberry and treat myself to a new Mulberry Lily bag. My thinking was if my boyfriend is off spending out money on a stag party I will blow some on a bag!

Then when I was finished I went back home and got started on writing and uploading some posts (this one being one of them). First up I made a list of all the posts that I wanted to write and I ploughed through them until my creativity started to dwindle. Then next I made a list of the images I wanted to take this morning.

I started out with outfit posts, so I changed outfit time after time while I had good lighting. Then I went onto product and beauty post images. I made flat lay after flay lay and snapped away. Then throughout the early afternoon I spend my time editing the images. Which takes us up to now!

My plan now that all my images are done is to go and get back in my car and go to Burger King and ruin all the work that I have been putting in at the gym. I rave about their bacon double cheeseburgers all the time so I am going to spoil myself!

Then when I get home while I stuff my face I am going to start to queue my posts so hopefully I will nothing to worry about throughout the month!

Once all posts are queued I am going to soak off my gel nails because in a week or so I am going to have acrylic nails put on for a wedding that I am going to because I don’t want to run the risk of one of my home done gels chipping at the last minute!

Then this evening I am going to do my full pamper routine. There will be no blogging, just a nice big bubble bath, a curry, Lucozade, Vogue magazine and shit loads of Galaxy chocolate!

I would love to hear from you so be sure to leave me a comment below with what your plans are for the evening!

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