Monday, 17 October 2016

My Trip To Berlin

Well the day started off pretty crap I do have to admit. We woke up around 7ish and started getting ready. We were planning on getting the train to Manchester Airport, just to avoid us getting stuck is rush hour traffic. So, we set of bright and early, but neither of us took into account the parking situation.

We got to the train station with 20 minutes to spare to get to the platform for our train to the airport only to discover that there were no parking spaces, and there was literally nowhere to park for a whole mile, everywhere else you would get clamped for parking for a prolonged amount of time.

Anyway, my ever so lovely boyfriend well and truly spat the dummy out of the pram. What you need to know about him is that he is incredibly lovely but when things don't go his way, he can be the face on.

When he couldn't find a parking space he pulled the car up on double yellow lines, which wasn't his brightest idea. From there he said that me and him had to run to the train station. As you may know about me by now, I don't do running, I don't even know walk fast, so him telling me to run was completely out of the question…

Anyway, I did the wifey thing and I engaged my brain for a minute. While he was huffing about worrying that we wouldn't make our train I hoped over into the driver’s side and I drove to a local marks and spencer which was only two minutes’ walk away from the train station.

I got parallel to my boyfriend in the car and pulled up next to him, he looked shocked to see my behind the wheel but then finally got in the car. I think I broke ever speed limit on the way around but I parked up and then told him that we had to leg it to the platform.

And we did. Now I don't want to get too personal or anything but I have FF boobs, so I don't really possess a run, but I tried my hardest, I can assure you that.

We got to the platform with moments to spare…

Even though I had got him there in time for the train he was still angry and I didn't know what was up for him. His worry was that his car would get towed for that parking space, little did he know that I had already arranged for my uncles to go and pick it up and drop it back off at our house. I had left the key in the petrol cap and it was all taken care of.

By the time I told him it was all already done and he looked so happy, I think if he could have married me on the spot he would have!

Anyway, we were at least on the train and getting closer to the airport. It only took us about an hour and a half and we were there. Followed by another brief speed walk through the airport to get to our terminal and we were all ready to check in.

Check in was pretty smooth and we were in the departure lounge in no time. For some reason, I thought that it would be dead with it been mid-week and term time but it was full of people, mostly business people from what I could see.

Anyway, in the airport we did what all normal people do and that is hit up the duty free. I spent far too much on perfume and makeup and my boyfriend spent far too much in the boots buying sausage rolls, chocolate, crisps and bottles of pop, when he asked me to put it in my bag I just had a blank expression. I am sure that if he knew exactly how much my Hermes Birkin cost he would not be asking me to put a Walls sausage roll in it!

Next, we boarded the plane, it came over the speaker for our flight number to get to the gate because it was a full flight. By the time we got on the plane I noticed there was a woman already in my seat next to the window, when she should have been on the isle. It doesn't normally bother me but on this occasion I had paid extra for a window seat and I wanted to sit there.

So, I stood in the isle and said excuse me to her to try and get her attention but she just ignored me, she physically put her head down and ignored me, she had Obviously heard me she was just a rude bitch.

I just sat next to her and didn't think nothing off it because I didn't want to start a confrontation on a plane. I did notice that she was reading German book so I thought maybe she didn't understand me, well that was until an air stewardess went up to her and spoke English and she replied, reiterating the fact that she was just rude.

Anyway, I sat there for the rest of the journey and just stayed quiet. I put my ear phones in and just watched my film. I was halfway through my film when the seatbelt sign went back on, the flight went so quick and before I knew it we were landing.

Once we were back on the ground we got off the plane, through the airport and with our bags in no time at all. We knew that from there we were going to be getting the train to our hotel but just didn’t have a clue where from or how to get tickets. We walked for a good 20 minutes to the train station, got out tickets and realised our train was leaving in 2 minutes so we legged it to the platform.

Once we were sat down we attempted to read the map to see where we had to get off. 40 minutes later we were at out stop so we got our bags and left the train and made our way through the train station. From there we were walking to the hotel. This is where thinks took a turn for the worse, as we didn’t have a clue where we were going.

We had screen shots on our phone of google maps but what we didn’t realise is that you could leave the train station from 3 different exits, and we left from the wrong one and ended up walking in the wrong direction for 20 minutes. We ended up getting in a taxi and when we told him where we wanted to go he just laughed because it was only 2 minutes away, we didn’t care though, we were just cold and wanted to get there!

Literally seconds later we arrived at the hotel and it was so beautiful. In no time at all we were checked in and laid on the bed. It was a really nice hotel; it was called the Berlin Mark Hotel. It wasn’t anything sparking and I have stayed in better places but for the amount of time we would actually be in our room it would be perfect, it was clean and we got clean sheets and towels, what more do you need!

For the first night we knew we just wanted to stay local because of all the walking that we had done through the day. We went to the end of the block and found a traditional German beer hall so we went in there for a few. We both partook in having a stein of beer each which were incredibly heavy!

Then from there we needed to find a restaurant because it was getting to 8am and we hadn’t eaten in nearly 12 hours. We walking back in the direction of our hotel and found a small Italian restaurant. We walked in and were seated in the corner, it was a lovely table because it had great views of the whole restaurant.

We started out meal with bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Shortly after I ordered a wine and my boyfriend got himself a beer. The wine was gorgeous, by the time I left I had pretty much had a whole bottle to myself. I ordered a spaghetti bolognas and my boyfriend ordered a salami and pancetta pizza and we shared. The food was honestly to die for. We ate like kings.

While we were eating our meals one of the chefs from the kitchen came out and started singing Dean Martin Valore and it was just so fun. Everybody joined in the chorus and we just had a great time. It was a pleasure to be in there.

By the time it come to paying I was dreading it, we had literally ate and drank that much I thought it would have cost a fortune. But, when we asked for the bill it was only €25, I could not believe it!

When we left the restaurant we decided just to go back to the hotel. We were both shattered from all of the walking around all day. We went back and just slept for what seemed like ages.

The next day when we woke up we put on our winter woollies because it as bloody freezing outside. We then left the hotel and just set about walking. We came across a great little French café that did amazing croissants and they smothered them in Nutella, which set me up for the whole day. We knew that we wanted to see the Reichstag building and the Brandenburg gate.

So after we had stuffed our face we attempted to give the trains a tube another goes. We had this great app on our phone which basically told us where we needed to go and what platforms we needed to be on, but the train stations and tube stations themselves were pretty unhelpful. Anyway we managed to get on the train to the right place. And in 10 minutes we were on our way to the Reichstag building.

For a history geek like me it was so good to be standing in front of a place like that where so much history had taken place. We stood outside while I did the usual blogger thing of getting far too many images. When we were finished up there we decided to walk to the Brandenburg gate, from what we could see on our phones it wasn’t too far away, we didn’t realise it would be a wet and sludgy walk, thank god for my boots!

When we finally got there it was crammed full of people, I couldn’t believe just how many people were there. We got in a good place and just stayed there for a while. It was just such an astonishing thing to see, it is such an iconic monument and to be there was really amazing.

Once we were finished there we decided that we just needed to walk to try and get warm. Honestly I think that we went to Berlin on the coldest month in history. We didn’t care where we were walking to we just needed to get moving. We came across Starbucks and decided to go inside to steal some Wi-Fi and have a hot chocolate.

We had a quick google on where to go next and we decided on the 1936 Olympic Stadium. For me, again the history geek inside of me really wanted to go there. It was just such an icon piece of the puzzle which lead to the war starting in 1939. So we got ourselves on the tube and set about for our hour long journey. Luckily for us the tube ride was fairly quiet so we goa seat so we just sat there with our earphones in and had a laugh.

We got off the tube and started our walk up to the stadium, it was a fair walk all up hill, but I made it without too much panting. We stood there and took it all in. We wanted to go in and take a look but all the tours for the rest of the afternoon were in German and we wouldn’t have had a clue. We spend some time up there and took some photos and then decided it was time to go for a beer.

We rushed back down to the tube determined to beat the after work rush, we did, just. We got off the tube just near out hotel and went and had a nap. We were shattered, throughout the day we had walked about 20 miles so my little legs needed a rest. When I woke up and my boyfriend was still asleep I decided to go on trip advisor and find somewhere to eat. I found a little Indian restaurant not that far away so we went there.

It wasn’t a proper Indian restaurant. That may sound horrible, but it wasn’t. I used to spend 3 months of every year in India eating and learning how to cook the food, but it was nice and edible.

When we finished up there we decided to head back to the Hard Rock Café near our hotel for happy hour and down some cocktails. We just sat in a booth for a while and downed far too many whisky cocktails. Which let me assure you, we felt the next day!

So the next day I had one thing in my mind what I wanted to go and that was to go to the zoo. We had such a cultured day on the Wednesday that I just wanted to have fun and see some cute animals. But let me tell you that it was terribly cold. I had on my thickest coat and it still wasn’t thick enough for the weather.

We made our way to the zoo, bought our tickets and we went on in. It was such a lovely zoo to walk around. In particular, my favourite animals to see were the lions and the wolfs. The wolfs looked like my dog Mika who had just passed away so I got all emotional, but I was fine in the end.

From there we needed to get warm so we went on the hunt for an Irish bar. We had seen signs all over for it but we couldn’t find it. In the end it was in the middle of a shopping centre, which was a strange place for a bar to be but I am so glad that we found it. Not only was the bar warm, but it was also playing country music. When Blake Shelton came on I thought I was in heaven!

From there we bar hoped the whole way back to the hotel. It was brilliant and by the time we were back to the hotel we were very very drunk. We just have such a laugh together and after a drink or so we just giggle like little kids. We went in and showered and changed and then headed on back out as more drink was calling our name.

First we went to an all you can eat restaurant and stuffed our faces to try and soak up some of the alcohol in our systems. From there it was a nice sat in the beer hall and drank too much beer. We just sat there and spoke and it was lovely, we had such a lovely time here, we really didn’t want to be going home the next day.

Anyway we headed back to our hotel about 11pm so that we could get a full night’s sleep before setting off to the airport at 8am the next morning. The Friday was just full of travelling, with nothing but trains and planes. We left our hotel at around 8am and didn’t get home until 7pm so it was a very long day!

If anybody out there is looking for a small city break I cannot recommend Berlin, enough. There is so much to see and the beer is amazing, take it from me, I did sample enough!

If you have any questions about my trip please do not hesitate to leave them below and I will get right back to you!


  1. Berlin looks amazing ( definitely going on my travel wish list!) - glad you made it to the airport in time haha

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. We did thankfully, by the skin of our teeth!

      Danielle xx


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