Friday, 14 October 2016

Morphe M439 Brush Review

We all know why I do this blog, it is to be honest with you about products and I am always upfront with you about why I buy them. This Morphe M439 brush was something that I purchased after watching YouTube videos. And in particular it was down to Jaclyn Hill. She raves about Morphe Brushes so much I wanted to test them to see how they were.

What people have to understand is that Jaclyn is an affiliate of the brand which means that she will receive some kind of financial benefit by mentioning the brand and the products, which is why if you follow her on many of the social media platforms you will find that she mentions them hell of a lot.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I am more than happy for her that she is at a place in her career where brands chose to work with her, I just want to do reviews for myself and provide people with a completely unbiased and neutral opinion.

So, I bought this with my own money. I think it was after seeing Jaclyn use it to blend out her Makeup Forever HD Stick Foundation with this brush. It just seemed to work so well on the skin and blend it out so smoothly that I had to go and get it!

So, I bought it online from Cult Beauty which is a good store for buying beauty brands that aren’t in normal UK stores.

The first things I noticed about this brush when it was new out the packet was just high quality it felt. For the money, I paid which I believe was around £15 including carriage, it felt like a high end brush.

The bristles are so densely packed so it blends the product out so flawlessly. I love to use this with the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. I use my standard Chanel Foundation Brush to apply the foundation sparsely around the face, then I go in with this brush after I spritz it with a little MAC Fix + and it blends everything out so well!

It is also so so soft, I would compare it to when you get a new Real Techniques brush. They are the softest brushes I have used so far and their big powder brush just out of the packet is like heaven and this is exactly like that!

One thing I have noticed about this is that occasionally the hairs malt but it isn’t excessive.

I love this product, since I bought my first one of them I have gone back online and bought another 3 to put into my professional kit. I really cannot recommend this product enough!



  1. Great post! I've heard a lot about Morphe products but haven't tried them yet. Will definitely give them a go! :) x

    1. You really should!
      My foundation has never looked as when I use this brush to apply it!

      Danielle xx


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