Thursday, 8 September 2016

Chanel Mat Lumier Pressed Powder Compact Review

This is my compact of choice. I have to admit, I have gone through so many of these over the years. I genuinely cannot image that I will find a pressed powder that I prefer over this one. The Chanel Mat Lumiere Pressed Powder impressed me so much. My mum got me this one year as a little Christmas present. She was out picking up the annual bottle of Chanel No. 5 That she gets me every year and thought she would add a little extra gift to it. I am both thankful and sad that she did this.

Thankful because she introduced me to such a great product, which I use every single day without a shadow of a doubt.  Sad because now I am completely obsessed with a very expensive face powder and it is one that I constantly have to refill my stock of!

I don’t use this Chanel Mat Lumiere Pressed Powder to set all my face. I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Face Powder or the Makeup Forever HD Powder to set all of my foundation, concealer and contour in place initially. Then when I leave the house I make sure that I always have this in my bag for touch ups. To me this seems like a sheer to medium coverage powder which is ideal for touch ups.

I have quite a normal skin type but in certain places it does drift more towards the oily side of the spectrum so I need to keep a powder in my bag just to over them certain areas throughout the day, which is why I love this powder so much. I always make sure that I have this Chanel powder and my Real Techniques Setting Brush and the pair together work like a dream.

Throughout the day I probably go in with this powder once or twice just to keep everything really nice and matte. I have found that this powder is a good one at controlling my oils, I have used other powders in the past and I need to reapply them near enough every hour on the hour.

I think I paid around £45 for this powder and I really do think that it is worth every single penny of that money. Plus, in the future if you are wanting to repurchase this powder you can just buy the pan from the inside rather than the whole compact with the mirror to cut down on prices, which I think it is a great idea considering how expensive the price of the powder is.

So, you may have guessed that I am obsessed with this product. I do highly recommend it as a compact to carry in your handbag. Aside from the product inside the compact, it is just a nice item to get out of your bag and use because of how pretty it looks!

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  1. There is just something about Chanel that is really special, and that's so sweet of your mum to get this gift for you! Sounds like such a lovely powder!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. It really is an amazing powder, I highly recommend it to everybody!

      Danielle xx


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