Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Black Leather Pencil Skirt

I love love love this skirt. I got this because I was going out on a hen do and the theme was 50 shades of grey and bondage! Strange theme I know but me and the girls used to take the mickey out of the bride because she was infatuated with the books when they first came out. She just liked them for the smut in them, whereas we all thought they were just poorly wrote. So, to her embarrassment she was Anastasia for the night.

So, I wanted to be covered but still sexy so I got this skirt. I did also get a PVC skirt but that was just so hard to get on and off and you know how it is when you’re drinking, toilet breaks are often and it was just too difficult.

Saying that, this skirt wasn’t much better, especially when I got warm that made things even worse. But this skirt just looked incredible. It clings to every single curve and shows your body off so much. I wear this since the hen do on loads of occasions. I pair it with one of my ASOS Ultimate T-Shirts and some flat pumps for work and if I’m going out I will put on a slinky vest top and some heels.

It looks great no matter how you wear it and I really think it is one of them staples of your wardrobe. It will always be in style and if ever it isn’t, it will definitely come back around. I will link below to the same product and some alternatives.



  1. Leather skirts always make me worry about becoming Ross from Friends haha! They always look amazing though, I really like the style of this one though. Wish they were a lil more comfy to wear, I want one! xx

    Tamz |

    1. Oh trust me there have definitely been Ross from friends moments!

      Danielle xx


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